Help for Empaths, Starseeds, & Walk-ins

Light Language Activation and Ascension Coaching

If you are having ascension symptoms due to rapid spiritual transformation, you will benefit from a light language activation or coaching session. This will help you get fully into your body where you can anchor higher frequencies and integrate soul aspects and future selves.

Galactic Light Language Reading 

Swzeedas sweethearts
Yvonne connects with her beloved guides and the guides of her client to gather information in spoken and written galactic code. Because we create our future with our choices today, these readings are not fortune telling sessions. They contain only the information that our guides reveal. If you ask about certain things, Yvonne cannot promise the answer will come through. Any English words that come forth are to be interpreted by the client.

The English words have relevance, and when you seek your inner guidance for further insight, you will likely get deeper understanding. This method opens an internal dialog and better communication between you and your guides, which makes you less dependent upon another person and more able to discover your own truth. Additionally, the readings have an activation effect and people report a leap in spiritual progress after hearing the light language.

One written page accompanied by an MP3 audio file allows you to hear the light language as the code was being scribed onto paper. This audio-visual experience will activate a higher level of cosmic awareness, remove blockages, and help shift old patterns into the new paradigm of wholeness.

$35 per reading. Contact Yvonne for payment options: 

Remote Light Language Activation Session

Light Language HandsThis treatment is designed to help clear stuck energy, detrimental thoughts, emotional patterns, and any blockages that are preventing you from living your most authentic life. This activation is forward-moving to help you gently and quickly move into joy. Therefore, discussion is kept to a minimum and pertains to what is pertinent to the session (coaching is available if you wish to talk more).

Yvonne uses sound and light frequencies (drumming, chanting, intoning, and light language) to travel trans-dimensionally and release souls, heal past life trauma, and bring soul fragments home for integration and healing. This shamanic journey is especially helpful to walk-ins, but will benefit anyone who is ready to take a quantum leap on the ascension path. Yvonne works with your monad (high self), guardians, and guidance team to insure that you receive what you are ready to integrate—nothing more and nothing less.

You will get into a comfortable position and connect with Yvonne via telephone or Skype while she provides remote healing and activation to bring new awareness of your true self, raise the vibration of the psyche and body, remove obstacles from the auric field, strengthen physical body. This adjustment helps clear, repair, and soothe subtle bodies and balance/align chakras as it activates and connects them to the crystalline grid, which helps the whole person (body, mind, emotions, spirit) acclimate to the changes resulting from rapid ascension.

$100 per 1-hour session
Contact Yvonne for session times and payment options: 

In-Person Light Language Activation Session

Meet with Yvonne for a trans-dimensional light language activation and energy session in the Nashville, Tennessee area. This is the same method of shamanic journeying and healing treatment as the remote service listed above, but you will receive the session in person.

Typical results include clearing detrimental energy or blockages, repairing subtle bodies, opening and balancing chakras, accessing emotional healing, uniting body and spirit, activating twin ray energy, and supplying energy to help shift bothersome situations. If a walk-in is in progress, Yvonne can assist with clearing the energy of the walk-out soul and helping the body adjust to the new frequencies of the incoming cosmic soul.

$125 per 1-hour in-person session

Contact Yvonne for session times and  payment options:

Ascension Coaching for Empaths, Walk-ins, and Starseeds

Whether you have a burning spiritual question or need help with integrating an unusual spiritual experience, metaphysical coach Yvonne Perry is able to assist you in discovering your own wholeness.

Coaching for Empaths

How many times have you read a book and wanted to ask the author a question only to find that he or she is unavailable? You may be thinking, “If only there was someone who understood my sensitivities and why I am so affected by other people’s energy.”

As an empath or highly sensitive person, Yvonne has been where you are and she knows what works to overcome the fatigue that comes from not understanding how to manage the intuitive gift of empathy or how to handle the purer frequencies that accompany a spiritually transforming experience. Her book, Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You, will help you a lot, but you may still have questions or need someone to personally guide you through the process toward personal empowerment.

Yvonne Perry has years of experience as an empath (highly sensitive person) on a fast track to awakening and she is ready to personally assist you learn to manage energy. Yvonne Perry is available to meet with you in a sacred environment via telephone or in person (Nashville area) at an allotted session time.

$55 per half hour
$100 full hour
Contact Yvonne for session times and payment options: 

Coaching for Walk-ins and Starseeds

Yvonne has a great deal of compassion for souls who are experiencing confusion that accompanies a soul exchange also known as a walk-in experience. If you think that something like this has occurred for you, Yvonne can help you sort things out and make sense of what has happened.

There are a lot of starseeds coming into form at this time—many of them are future selves from 12th dimension and higher. Even though they bring a wealth of knowledge and are here to help us ascend, they have little understanding of life on Earth. If you have begun to bring in your higher self and are having difficulty integrating this future aspect with the body and personality in this incarnation, Yvonne can help. As one who has encountered many hardships while integrating a soul exchange, she understands the confusion, fatigue, and stress that comes with trying to embrace multidimensional frequencies.

Yvonne Perry is available to meet with you in a sacred environment via telephone at an allotted session time. Light language may be used during these sessions.

$55 per half hour
$100 full hour
Contact Yvonne for session times and payment options: 

Coaching for Ascension Symptoms

Sometimes on our path of spiritual growth, we encounter hindrances and we need help from someone who has been there in order to reach the next level of enlightenment. Yvonne is the author of Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience, in which she shares why things in our world are changing so fast, and offers tips to make the ascension process easier and quicker.

If you are experiencing physical and emotional ascension symptoms resulting from rapid spiritual transformation, you may need assistance integrating higher (faster-vibrating) cosmic frequencies. Yvonne Perry is available to meet with you in a sacred environment via telephone at an allotted session time. Light language may be used during these sessions.

$55 per half hour
$100 full hour
Contact Yvonne for session times and payment options: 


"Yvonne Perry is uniquely gifted. She has a laser-like ability to see through the fuzz and correctly name the heart of the situation. She was able to provide guidance to me at a time that I most needed it. Her ability to hear the voice of the Spirit is uncanny and unmatched. Her readings are a welcome touchstone in an often confusing world." ~ Betsy Nelson

“For anyone who’s considering working with Yvonne, she is an amazing empath coach. Her assuring and comforting voice and own empathic experience immediately help someone who is in overwhelm from being a sponge. :) She is so understanding, nonjudgmental, supportive, and provides tools that can seem rather simple but are extremely effective. There can be a lot of experiences that leave one wondering if they are crazy. And Yvonne is the perfect person to explain what seems to be going on and how to deal with it. Anything from being a walk-in to removing entities…and beyond. If you work with her, you will love her as I do. I have so much gratitude for all she’s done, and for the courage that has allowed her to be a lighthouse for those flapping around in the darkness.” ~ Kimberly Dawn

“I really liked working with Yvonne Perry because she totally understood the soul exchange process and you (if you’re a walk-in) really do need someone who is also a fellow walk-in to help you through things, because someone who has not had the experience really won’t understand. She told me about doing cord cutting from the prior soul to the stepfather (as there was an abusive relationship there). This is something I hadn’t thought of because I figured that that sort of thing would have been settled via the prior soul leaving the body. When she mentioned this to me, a ‘light bulb’ went on and it set off other ‘ah ha!’ moments on the mental level so the ‘disconnections’ could be made (the cords be cut – because the connections were made aware of).” ~ Gunther Prien

"My reading was SO amazing. The English words were completely relevant to my life, but the light language sounded so familiar. I had the sense that a mother figure was coming through to speak with me, and I felt like crying, even though I didn’t understand the words. Thank you so much, Yvonne, for this beautiful gift." ~ Dana, New York