Thursday, February 01, 2018

Light Language Music

Light language music albums are a great way to activate into your most authentic self, free you from programming that keeps you living below your potential, and relax your body, emotions, and mind.

Check out these MP3 collections of contemporary sounds and songs. Created and performed by light language practitioner and galactic shaman, Yvonne Perry. Tracks may be purchased individually or as an album.

Language of the Stars album by Yvonne Perry

An MP3 album of keyboard music, singing and speaking light language, textured layers of galactic sounds to assist with spiritual growth and ascension.

More than an hour of unique sound therapy to relax the mind and allow it to reset to its natural state of well-being. Entertaining, but very powerful.

Yvonne Perry's original creation to help elevate the mind by accessing the  higher consciousness and vibrations of celestial realms. Headphones enhance the journeying experience!

Get the entire album (seven songs listed below) at 
(c) 2016 Yvonne Perry

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