Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Remote Light Language Activation Session

This treatment is designed to help clear stuck energy, detrimental thoughts, emotional patterns, and any blockages that are preventing you from living your most authentic life. This activation is forward-moving to help you gently and quickly move into joy. Therefore, discussion is kept to a minimum and pertains to what is pertinent to the session (coaching is available if you wish to talk more).

Yvonne uses sound and light frequencies (drumming, chanting, intoning, and light language) to travel trans-dimensionally and release souls, heal past life trauma, and bring soul fragments home for integration and healing. This shamanic journey is especially helpful to walk-ins, but will benefit anyone who is ready to take a quantum leap on the ascension path. Yvonne works with your monad (high self), guardians, and guidance team to insure that you receive what you are ready to integrate—nothing more and nothing less.

You will get into a comfortable position and connect with Yvonne via telephone or Skype while she provides remote healing and activation to bring new awareness of your true self, raise the vibration of the psyche and body, remove obstacles from the auric field, strengthen physical body. This adjustment helps clear, repair, and soothe subtle bodies and balance/align chakras as it activates and connects them to the crystalline grid, which helps the whole person (body, mind, emotions, spirit) acclimate to the changes resulting from rapid ascension.

Please Contact Yvonne to discuss a time and payment options for your session:

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