Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Light Language Activation & Ascension Coaching

If you are having ascension symptoms due to rapid spiritual transformation, you will benefit from a light language activation or coaching session. This will help you get fully into your body where you can anchor higher frequencies and integrate soul aspects and future selves.
Swzeedas sweethearts

Yvonne connects with her beloved guides and the guides of her client to gather information in spoken and written galactic code. Because we create our future with our choices today, these readings are not fortune telling sessions. They contain only the information that our guides reveal. If you ask about certain things, Yvonne cannot promise the answer will come through. Any English words that come forth are to be interpreted by the client.

The English words have relevance, and when you seek your inner guidance for further insight, you will likely get deeper understanding. This method opens an internal dialog and better communication between you and your guides, which makes you less dependent upon another person and more able to discover your own truth. Additionally, the readings have an activation effect and people report a leap in spiritual progress after hearing the light language.

One written page accompanied by an MP3 audio allows you to hear the light language as the code was being scribed onto paper. This audio-visual experience will activate a higher level of cosmic awareness, remove blockages, and help shift old patterns into the new paradigm of wholeness.

$35. per reading. Contact Yvonne for payment options:

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