Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Join us on Empowering Hour with Empaths Today!

Our next Empowering Hour with Empaths is today, Tuesday, October 14, and we know that you have a lot on your heart. Veronica O'Grady and I will give a heart-felt loving response to as many questions as we can cover in one hour. We are available for personal coaching if you need to delve in deeper on any topic we don't cover in this call.

Our questions and topics today include:
  1. Handling shifting energies: exhaustion, gastric intestinal release, muscle cramping, revved up at times, drained other times, euphoric one minute and down the next…
  2. How does one know when it is time to move on from one teacher and be open to another?
  3. When you have established a relationship in the past where the other one is dominant, how can you put boundaries and shift this situation to a more harmonious and equal relationship?
  4. Why are so people leaving the planet? Isn’t everyone ascending? Why is it so hard to ascend?
  5. Is it possible to be operating in multiple realities at once but not be fragmented?
  6. What to do when one feels the heartache and suffering emotions of a person who wants to commit suicide.
  7. Healing, release, integration … such as
  • - how to integrate our soul aspects
  • - how to know if what one is feeling is an aspect to be integrated or collective stuff being transmuted
  • - how to fully heal and release things that keep coming up over and over as opposed to just having them get triggered relentlessly
  • - successfully integrating when the situation in one's life doesn't seem "safe" enough to welcome aspects home - if one feels strong emotions and links it back to what seems to be core issue in this lifetime, while feeling the emotions with detachment...yet it doesn't get released...does that mean the issue is really linked back to past lifetime?)
  • - parallel lives, multidimensional aspects to be integrated?
Join us live. Let your highly sensitive friends know, too!

Time: Tuesday, October 14th at 2:00pm Central
To attend online: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventid=60621591
Phone Number: (425) 440-5100 Pin Code: 187842#

To celebrate my birthday, I'm offering remote light language sessions during the month of October on a donation basis. This is the time to get the coaching help you need without worrying about how much it costs.Use this link http://weare1inspirit.com/?p=7121 to arrange your session.

To hear replays of our previously recorded calls, see http://weare1inspirit.com/?p=5701

A starseed walk-in and cosmic birther, Yvonne Perry is a metaphysical author, healer, and coach, offering assistance to those who are going through significant spiritual changes. In her one-on-one healing and activation sessions, Yvonne incorporates light language, earth and animal medicine, and galactic codes to help people integrate multidimensional aspects of their souls. Information about Yvonne's books, coaching, galactic light language readings, and other spiritual services is available at weare1inspirit.com.

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