Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What is Karma?

Karma has nothing to do with punishment, judgment, or retaliation. Karma is the imprint or pattern of unresolved issues and experiences contained within each incarnation. We reincarnate with this encoded information and arrange opportunities to resolve whatever was left outstanding in a previous life.

It is common for souls to incarnate together and play roles to help one another remember what was previously left unresolved. This is why some people are in our lives for only a short season. When both souls have achieved what they intended from the arrangement, these friendships or relationships may go their separate ways. Our emotions get in the way and we allow our grief to keep us from moving forward after the partnership has served its purpose.

Much of the discord someone has with another person could have links to something that was left unresolved between the two of them in a previous life. One does not necessarily have to know what happened, but it does help to participate in the clearing process. This is where light language can help.

Join me and Vic Victoria Singer this weekend to activate, clear, and enhance your understanding of this tool. See for details.

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