Monday, April 21, 2014

Light Language Playshop in Nashville

Along with the release of my book, Light Language Emerging, I plan to host a light language gathering in the Nashville area June 20–21, 2014 at the Morningstar House.

Join me and two other powerful light language facilitators/activators for teaching (circle style) and a chance to experience the joy of light language. We will be offering activation and demonstrating healing treatment as we minister to one another. We plan to create art inspired by the light within us. This will be a powerful event packed full of fun, love, fellowship, and laughter.

You do not need to be able to speak light language to attend. Although, you might be speaking it by the time the gathering ends!

There are hotels are in the area, but you may find it to be more fun to stay on-site overnight. For sleeping accommodations (bed, cot, air mattress, etc.), please see The Morningstar House and book a space for only $30.

Register now to reserve your space.

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