Sunday, January 12, 2014

Catch the Replay of Empowering Hour with Empaths

On this call, Yvonne Perry and Veronica O'Grady discussed why empaths can sense the presence of the "deceased" and how to help clear the suffering, poverty, and detrimental energy that our ancestors took to the grave with them. By doing so, we heal them, ourselves, and our descendants.

Empathy is a gift that many empaths call a curse simply because they have not cleared their own personal energy field enough to get clear guidance from higher sources.  There is also a discussion on how the many aspects of the soul are coming together for integration and why empathic or energy-sensitive people are able to know when a new aspect is coming in. Learn how to work with the energy of your multidimensional selves.  You can listen to the replay here:  For more info, click on our websites:  Yvonne Perry Veronica O'Grady:  Be sure to subscribe to Yvonne's mailing list to get notices of future events so you can participate live on the next call.

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