Monday, December 23, 2013

Spirit Orb and a Piece of Furniture

A few weeks ago my husband bought a new easy chair and decided to sell his old one. I took a photo of the old recliner to put on Craig's List.When I started to post the photo I noticed the huge spirit orb that was hovering above the chair. I don't find this unusual because: 1.) I have photographed orbs in this room and around this chair many times, and 2.) I had just prayed that the chair, which was in perfectly good condition, would go to someone who needed it and would really enjoy having it.

The chair sold within an hour to a woman whose husband was having spinal surgery and needed a comfortable recliner for his recovery. The healing orb was likely called in through my prayer (don't underestimate the power of your prayers, beloved ones!) to work with the man in his healing. I continued to have the man on my mind for several days after the chair left so I continued to send healing vibes to him.

I just love it when spirit allows us to photograph these orbs and prove that our prayers really do have effect!

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