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Mistified, a Spiritual Cinema

About a month ago, Lindsey Hopton wrote to let me know she had been following this blog. She is currently on the team for an upcoming indie film called Mistified that will be categorized under spiritual cinema. I hope my interview with Kathy Wilson will help to raise awareness about the film. Sandy Collister is the script writer and Kathy is the producer of the film. An overview of her credentials can be seen on her LinkedIn profile: Kathy Wilson

Yvonne: As the creator and producer, what can you tell us about your upcoming film Mistified?

Kathy: It is an adventure and a coming of age story with some very unusual twists and turns.

The backdrop of the film is the breathtaking and mystical land of New Zealand. The film introduces us to the New Zealand Maori, the indigenous people of Aotearoa, which is what they call this amazing place.

We follow our heroine through a series of events that will leave some believing, some pondering and others totally disbelieving …. However, I believe all will enjoy the adventure.

Yvonne: What made you want to create Mistified?

Kathy: It has been a journey I have been on since leaving my corporate job and becoming the owner of a Talent Agency in Portland, Oregon. Being a Talent Agent had never been a conscious desire on my part.

That major turn off my seemingly sensible life path, gave me the insight and knowledge of the inner workings of the Entertainment Industry. Being a Talent Agent was not my first love and after I sold my Agency, I always felt there that is was link to the future.

Blessed to not only meet amazing and talented people in all areas of the Industry but the most important opportunity was to encourage and develop talented actors. What an honor that was to see them blossom and grow … not having had children of my own I was definitely the “Proud Momma”.
Another major benefit was I saw film making from the beginning to the end. My instincts to embark on the journey of creating my own film now have a foundation.

Yvonne: What does the genre Spiritual Cinema exactly? Is it a new term?

Kathy: Spiritual Cinema Circle was created by Stephen Simon. It was his desire to promote films in this genre, which are films that have great stories, are inspirational and truly transformational. He believed there was an audience for such film! 

I was very privileged to work with Stephen on 2 films, “Indigo” and “Conversations with God”. Spiritual Cinema is now a part of Gaiam Entertainment and people can get a monthly subscription to documentaries and independent films that entertain and inspire.

Yvonne: Is this your first film project? Why did you choose to make Mistified a film instead of, let’s says, a book?

Kathy: Yes, this is my first film. Born on the eve of the winter of 2007, scripted by Sandy Collister and refined by Maori consultant Ruth Tai, it is a co-creative and bi-cultural film.

Why a film … because there is no other media that provides the opportunity to immerse a group people into an experience. The words, sounds, and visuals can create an inspiring and sometimes transformational experience that an individual may carry with them for the rest of their life. Films are the quintessence of “sound” and “light” the transformative frequencies we humans resonate with.

I believe “Mistified” will trigger ancient memories that will encourage viewers to embark on their own epic and magical journeys in life. The heroine and her journey will trigger you and your journey down the “yellow brick road” of your own creation. What the movie has done for me, I believe it will do for others.  

Yvonne: What kind of audience do you expect to reach with the film?

Kathy: I personally see this as a Universal film that young and old will respond to. The warmth and sensitivity will appeal to all people with an open heart. It is classic story telling - where the heroine knows not her own depth, steps onto an epic or tragic path, meets challenges and gifts en route and emerges at the end, a transformed and wiser woman.  It is neither a comedy, horror, action or romantic movie - yet all these elements pass subtly through the story. It is likely to appeal to the same audiences as “Memoirs of a Geisha”, “Fried Green Tomatoes", “Whalerider” and “Dragonfly”.

Yvonne: Do you have a message for your audience?

Kathy: Yes I do. Life is a Journey. Risk. Step into the unchartered. Feel the power and the magic from doing so. Open and Follow your heart. Dream a little; open and listen with your heart….then Nike…Just Do It.  

Yvonne: What do you like about the Maori and what are your thoughts on other indigenous tribes like them?

Kathy: My Maori friends are so amazing. They love to sing, enjoy family and are open to others who want to experience a journey in their world. They have an uncanny ability to take care of large numbers of people without missing a heartbeat. Oh, sure a few hundred family members are coming for dinner … No problem !!  There is always room for one more.

The elders I have met sincerely care about the future of the younger generation. They want to pass on traditions that will ground and sustain them. They have youth gatherings on their property and encourage them in every aspect of their lives. Most important they are providing a place for them to get back in touch with nature and all it provides us.

My friends are truly down to earth, salt of the earth caring people. Things are mostly initiated in a simple way without a lot of fanfare. Time is spent getting to know each other. In their world there is always enough time and time spent together is a priority. If a few things don’t go as planned … “no worries”. There can be an overall plan but plans have a way of altering themselves, so I have learned to be in the moment and enjoy the turn of events for there always seems to be an unexpected gift that I could not have planned in my wildest dreams.

They can also be very focused and pragmatic when a task needs to get done. My dear friend Ruth is very adept and has exceptional organizational skills, however she can also step into the world of the unseen to gain the knowledge and awareness being required of her for a specific task. She has learned to access and listen to her inner guidance and encourages others to do the same. We all have that ability when we are open to it and my dearest friends wish to share their wisdom in a humble but sometimes in your face way.

I love the understanding that they and all indigenous peoples have. Those who live in the magic of their ancestry know that we are all in this together. We truly affect each other and our environment and when we are open to it we can transcend time and space. Some of them do it on a regular basis. I believe it is time for us all to awaken to those deep roots we all have to nature and our ability to interact with the seen and unseen. The more we embrace the knowing that exists in us all and find a way to honor each other from a place of humility, it will give each of us the opportunity to see through a different set of eyes.

It will allow all nations and peoples to let go of the anger and hurt we have all inflicted on each other and to embrace a new way. It is always about choices and the more we choose a path of understanding each other the more we make a difference. No one has all the answers and until we learn how to reach out and understand each other’s point of view we will just keep fighting for dominance over one another. Our future is not in the past but in how we understand the wisdom and bring it into the present. I believe the Indigenous possess an understanding that we would all be better off, if we understood. It is time we went beyond the stereo types we have created of each other and start to understand each other as it resonates in all our hearts. I believe the Indigenous have held a very important piece of how we can prosper as a species and it is time for all of us to explore the memory of what they have been holding for us all.

Yvonne: What are the long-term plans for the movie? What can we do to help?

Kathy: The long term plans for the movie are a series of milestones. Firstly, the script has been completed and edited in both the USA and New Zealand. Second, the locations and oral permission of the indigenous people has been consented. Thirdly, the talent and producer have been identified but this needs a clear business plan, final negotiations with key partners and capitalizing the project to start.

You can help by joining us when we launch our Indiegogo campaign, on November 13, 2013.

This will enable us to create our Business Plan to then go for major funding of our project. So please join us in getting the word out and bringing this film to audiences all over the world.

We sincerely look forward to the creating the “Mistified Community” and creating a space where those who participate will have an opportunity to meet one another and find those that inspire and resonate with you.

Yvonne: Lastly, how can we follow the project?  

Kathy: There are five ways we would love you to connect with us:

1. Join our mailing list at
2. Like our Facebook Page
3. Chat to us on Twitter
4. Donate at www.indigogo 
5. Read our blog at

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