Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness

Have you had a strange experience and afterward felt like you were another person in your same body?

Are you having unusual body sensations that can’t be defined (or diagnosed) in medical terms?

Have you been receiving downloads that seem to have activated psychic or spiritual gifts?

Do you feel as though you have been visited by your higher or future self?

Have you found yourself speaking in a mysterious unknown language?

These are signs, which indicate that you are ascending in consciousness and accessing and/or merging with more evolved aspects of your soul. Your DNA is shifting to hold a higher octave of vibration within your physical body and this is building your light body. Would you like to learn more about what is happening and why? Would you like to share your experience with others who are going through this phenomenon?  Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness  Beginning with a Friday night fellowship on May 17, 2013, “Walk-ins Among Us ~ Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness” will be held at the beautiful Hyatt Place Hotel (Airport) on Royal Parkway in Nashville, Tennessee.

On Saturday, May 18, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the speakers below will offer insight about integrating higher cosmic frequencies that come as a result of a soul exchange or soul merge/braid (also known as a walk-in). You will also have free time to fellowship with other walk-ins in attendance.

Walk-ins Among Us
May 17-18, 2013
Hyatt Place Hotel, Nashville, TN 37214

Reserve your space at the conference now!

This conference coincides with the release of Yvonne Perry’s new book, Walk-ins Among Us ~ Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness.  
As our planetary system travels around the Milky Way Galaxy, the Earth aligns with other cosmic bodies that affect the magnetic pull on our planet. Within that evolutionary continuum, some humans experience a sudden transformation that awakens spiritual gifts and psychic abilities. In our current time of ascension, people are experiencing visitations, cohabitations, and even trading places with more evolved aspects of their soul in various dimensions. This embodiment of higher consciousness brings pathfinders, way-showers, lightworkers, and healers to our planet to help anchor the new paradigm of oneness and unity associated with the Divine Mother.  
Those who have experienced a life-transforming event will find help and comfort in this eye-opening book. Walk-ins Among Us is written by a walk-in to help others understand the soul exchange process and how to integrate higher vibrations that clear energy imprints not aligned with love, light, and joy. Through cosmic encoded activations, readers may receive downloads and learn how to stay centered and actively involved in their own ascension process as they discover their mission, purpose, and role on Earth.
Walk-ins Among Us
May 17-18, 2013
Hyatt Place Hotel, Nashville, TN 37214

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