Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How Human Energy Affects the Earth

Earth’s increase in frequency is obviously affecting us, and in return our attitudes, beliefs, actions, and collective vibration are affecting the Earth. We used to think that matter was solid and that we were all divided individuals, but now we are aware that an atom is comprised of almost entirely empty space. Scientifically, we are all part of a matrix or field of energy. Our current reality is a picture of where our energy is or has been focused individually and collectively. We are in a time of great transformation during which we are severely challenged in every manner in order to help us see our need to decisively manage our personal energy. These present trials and tribulations are to serve as a wake-up call to humanity. We have long seen ourselves as helpless victims, unworthy of Divine love. We have been afraid to admit to having and using divine and personal power because we don’t want to be thought of as arrogant. Yet, we have the very essence of the Creator within us and we are expected to be stewards of this power—not to live in self-abasement. We are so much more than we have realized. As we are releasing our personal limitations, we are learning how to use the power of our thoughts and feelings to purposefully create the peaceful world we have been dreaming of.

Part of the goal of ascension is to recognize our oneness with each other and the planet that supports our life. Everything we do matters to the planet and humanity. Energy flows in us, between us, among us as a human family; therefore, what goes on in one part of the world is felt in all parts of the world. The air we breathe today is the same air someone on the other side of the world will breathe tomorrow. Purpose, meaning, connection, and well-being comes from inside our hearts (emotions) and minds. Unfortunately, our pursuit of happiness through material possessions has created a “disposable” society that is damaging Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants. Almost every product on the market—especially electronics—is designed to either become obsolete or unusable within a short period of time. Offering these products at a low price makes it less expensive to purchase a replacement product rather than repair the old device. Where do these used products go? Rather than being recycled, most are placed in landfills or dumped into the oceans, where they produce toxins that end up in our soil, air, and water.

Additionally, we have destroyed rainforests, polluted our air by using combustible energy to power our vehicles, and continuously depleting our natural resources. Mother Earth is a living being with Her own consciousness. The cleansing She is doing through natural disasters is in response to the destruction and devastation we have subjected Her to. The new paradigm will include a global effort to better care for the planet that sustains human, animal, and plant life.

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