Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Baby and the Man in the Red Suit

As I sit here on Christmas morning in my mix-matched creative farm wear--leopard print pants, a blue and white calico gown, and a silk Oriental robe--eating crescent rolls stuffed with yesterday's leftover spinach dip, I’m reflecting on why we humans continue to propagate the story about a baby in a manger and a man in a red suit. Year after year we teach our children to look somewhere except within themselves for joy and fulfillment. It’s a sad commentary, one that I personally do not align with. However, if we look beneath the facade we’ve agreed to uphold, there is a thread of truth, although you do have to fill in the blanks to make it believable.

There is within each of us an expression of compassionate, unrestrained joy that we all want desperately to experience--not just one night per year, but perpetually. The ability to globally and simultaneously share this freely-given love with all comes from an endless and magical supply that does not drain us or our bank accounts. That source is within us and awaits to be celebrated in oneness, wholeness, and truthful living. This wild and exciting ride into the dark skies of starlit exploration and self-discovery may land us in some precarious situations in which we wonder if we will disappoint others with the gifts we bring them. Yet, we must hitch up the team and try something new. If we stay in the comfort of our warm, pre-fab factory and never venture into the unknown, we live in a fantasyland where we make toys that will never be enjoyed or played with. We must move past our fear of getting stuck in a too-tight chimney and deliver our goods to humanity. When we start to awaken, we realize that we are already stuck and that change is inevitable. List checked twice, naughty or nice, the heat from the fire within our own divinity is urging us to let our feet get singed just enough to make us uncomfortable with where we are and come fully into our pre-planned destiny.

There is a mysterious child within all of us who seeks to bring joy to this war-torn world. The birthing of this child breaks down any and all restraints that keep us confused, confined, and predictably trapped in the expectations of others. This child defies religious doctrines, social norms, and family expectations. Under the guidance of a celestial light he is celebrated by wise men and non-assuming animals in the rugged whimsy of nature when there is no room in the hearts of those who have closed their minds to other realities. He emerges as a teacher who confronts judgmental Pharisees. He laughs at long-held traditions. He overturns the tables we’ve set up to keep from knowing who we really are--children of the passionate God-Goddess, masculine-feminine, divine-human union.

With child-like wonder I greet the dawn of a new paradigm, one in which people are free to live authentically by following the guidance of their Christ-filled hearts. No more adhering to an ancient text manipulated by political figures and embedded into gold-leafed, leather-bound pages that a black-robed man requires duty-bound people to follow without questioning. Open to the light within and live from a place of knowing that you are both the Christ child and the man in the red suit.

Yvonne Perry

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