Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Shifting into Purer Consciousness Telesummit

Have you been having unexplained pain, anxiety, or restlessness? Increased emotional sensitivity?

Are you noticing more synchronicities?

Do you exhibit an increase in psychic abilities such as telepathy or knowing what others are thinking?

These are indicators of rapid spiritual growth—some call them ascension symptoms—and that is what we will be discussing in a free 5-week telesummit starting tomorrow, July 5, 2012.

You can register and get the call-in/Webinar info at .

The topics to be addressed in this telesummit include ascension, oneness, near-death and spiritually-transforming experiences, walk ins/soul exchanges, working with ascended masters, immortality, the light body, and much more about integrating frequencies and the ascension process.

There will be two speakers per telesummit (one at 2 p.m. Central Time and the other at 2:35 CT) and you will have about 20 minutes to make your presentation. This will be followed by 5-10 minutes of Q&A from those who are listening live. The full details are at but here is a sketch of what to expect.

July 5 –        
2:00 p.m. CDT - Yvonne Perry speaks about ascension symptoms, what is causing them, and how to calm down the unpleasant sensations as you integrate accelerated frequencies into your body and the Earth.
2:35 p.m. CDT - Dr. Susan Allison speaks about how to connect with your higher self in the sacred heart space. This session will include a meditation to demonstrate how to be at peace no matter what is happening in our world.

July 12 –      
2:00 p.m. CDT - Kristen Ann share an understanding of what to expect in the future and how we can be prepared. Understanding eliminates fear and uncertainty and allows us to move forward with determination and confidence.
2:35 p.m. CDT - Susann Taylor Shier will open the Akashic Records of your Soul to access your magnificent strengths and purposes as a guiding light for your life. Be with her special guides, "The Beloveds," to experience the joy that comes with connecting to your soul's wealth.

July 19 –      
2:00 p.m. CDT Dr. Caron Goode speaks about soul exchanges. A walk-in is a soul who takes up residence (with permission) in the body of an individual who wants to leave the Earth plane. Rather than having a healthy body die, another soul steps in and picks up where the first soul left off. This is a pre-incarnation agreement between souls (parallel realities) is designed to help both souls evolve.
2:35 p.m. CDT – SSuzanne Grandon speaks about ETs, ascended masters, and other beings of light here to help the planet and humanity ascend.

July 26 –     
2:00 p.m. CDT–Harriette Knight presents “How to Maintain a Spiritual Existence while Living as a Human.” Find out what you can do to strengthen your relationship with Mother Earth so that you can enjoy spiritual bliss now!
2:35 p.m. CDT – Leonard Orr speaks about immortality and why the body does not have to die—it can ascend into a light (glorified) body as Jesus Christ and other ascended masters have proven. We can either choose death and reincarnation, or physical immortality, which incorporates the body into the conscious life of the eternal spirit.

July 31 –      
2:00 p.m. CDT – Amethyst Wyldfyre will speak about why it's important that you prosper financially during this shift, and how to incorporate Spirit's presence into your business ventures and career.
2:35 p.m. CDT – Julie McIntyre will speak about how repressing our sensual nature is creating wars, murder, violence, and struggles. Sexual energy is the life force energy of creation and it is manifested in everything that exists in nature.

August 2 –   
2:00 p.m. CDT – Lisa Barnett will teach how to clear and erase karma permanently using a profound prayer given by the Lords of the Akashic Record. Using this prayer can clear karma from this life or another without having to know or remember the details! This deep healing will help you move into peace concerning troubling issues.
2:35 p.m. CDT – Astrologer Rick DiClemente will share how the stars are lining up to support our shift into purer consciousness. The time has come for humanity to comprehend the full brilliance of the zodiac’s grand design. The energies that comprise each of us are the very same energies that make up the whole universe

I hope you will be able to join us for all six calls, but we know that your life is busy. Therefore, we will make the replays accessible for 48 hours after each recording. They will be available for purchase thereafter.

Register now at to get the call-in info and a reminder so you don't forget to make the calls.

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