Thursday, May 24, 2012

Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind

Why are our beliefs so important to our health? Because how we view our world, our universe and who and what we are in it will determine much of when, how, and if we heal. Our world view will tell us we have limited possibilities, or that we have unlimited potential. it will tell us that miracles occur only occasionally, or that they are the natural order of the universe. it will tell us that we must predict the future based upon what has happened in the past, or it will tell us we are creating the future each moment with our consciousness. It will tell us that we are victims or that we are creators.  Dr. Henry Grayson will be speaking about how our thoughts affect our health on We Are One in Spirit Podcast today.

Psychologist Henry Grayson has found that everybody desires a healthy and happy life, yet virtually everyone subconsciously feels they don’t deserve it. This unconscious mindset has a direct negative impact on our ability to prevent and overcome ongoing illnesses and unhappiness.
In Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind, Dr. Grayson draws on his understanding of this work and combines it with new insights in Western psychology, the mind-expanding inner wisdom of Eastern philosophy and the hard science of quantum physics, to explore the core of what keeps us from embracing a healthy and productive life. He explains how our bodies are made up of energy fields that respond to conscious thought, how those thoughts make us sick, and how to clear out past traumas and self-destructive inner dialogs to open the door to self-healing.

Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind dives into the guilt-ridden waters of our deepest traumas that are often hidden from our conscious minds. He works to clear away these blocks through techniques that have proven as effective on combat veterans battling post-traumatic stress disorder as on civilians plagued by depression, chronic illness and disorders previously thought to be untreatable. The result is more than a return to good health – it is the understanding that we deserve health and happiness and have the tools to make it possible.

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Thursday, May 24 at 2:00 PM Central Time
Dial-in Number: 605-475-6350
Participant Access Code: 356172#


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