Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Prayer as a Statement of Clear Intention

It helps to get clear on what you want to manifest before you begin praying. I like to write it down in my prayer journal so I can go back and see the results of my prayer efforts.You might be surprised at how many prayers are being answered!

Sometimes people get so overwhelmed with trouble, disappointment, and frustration they can’t even think straight to put together a list like this one. If you have trouble thinking of what you want to manifest, make a list of everything that is wrong or that you don’t want then write the opposite as a positive statement or list of affirmations.

Once you have your statement of clear intent, begin your prayer by grounding and centering your energy. If you are unsure of how to do this, see the “Grounding and Centering” exercise on my Website:

Then, focus on the Sacred Heart within you (taught in my book, Shifting into Purer Consciousness), knowing that all is well. There are no problems in the now moment. With this in mind, begin to feel in your body what it would feel like if you had everything you need or want right now. That feeling activates the energy of unlimited potential. This is very powerful when combined with positive affirmations.

Call upon your higher self, the Holy Spirit, or divine spirit guides as you write a statement of clear intention in the form of affirmations regarding the situation at hand. Keep your affirmations open-ended. For example: To say “I want a job or roommate to help pay the bills” limits what the universe can bring you. It is more helpful to state “I enjoy financial freedom” or “I have all I need to live comfortably.” Here are some other examples:
I have unlimited resources.
Everything I need comes to me in perfect timing.
I am successful in all my ventures.
I am supported by the universe who always says YES!
I attract people into my life who are confident, content, and intelligent.
I express and show happiness easily and freely.
I feel confident in my body.
I receive income from multiple sources.
I receive pure love and support from all.

Thank God/Spirit for answering your prayer even before you see the results manifesting. Gratitude is a very high-vibrating energy that helps bring things into material form.

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