Monday, April 23, 2012

TODAY: Take a Journey to Joy -- for Free

Author and Peace Minister Charlene M. Proctor hosts a positively divine online event on Monday April 23rd, 2012.

If we were to believe what we see in the media, it would seem there is an overwhelming amount of suffering in the world. Even in the affluent West, chronic stress and depression are frequent topics in the News, affecting so many people in their personal and professional relationships, and their overall happiness.

But in spite of all this, there walk among us a few "spiritual messengers" who see the world quite differently. These guides tell us that the root of suffering lies in our belief that we are separate and alone, when in truth we are all intimately connected to the Divine, the Whole—the One. And when we understand this Oneness fully, we will see and experience Joy all around us.

Author Charlene M. Proctor, Ph.D. is one such messenger. As an ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and a Deeksha facilitator trained by oneness guides from Fiji and India, Charlene is on a mission to spread this message of Joy. Truly, Charlene's her entire life's work is devoted to help awaken the Divine magnificence within all humanity.

That's why Charlene is inviting everyone a FR*EE webinar TONIGHT (Monday April 23rd) at 7pm EDT called "Your Journey to Joy". On this uplifting and informative broadcast, Charlene will talk about how we develop our belief in separation and suffering, how those beliefs get stored as trauma in the body, and how to change our inner reality so we can experience JOY in every aspect of our lives.

You can register for this beautiful fr*ee event at If you cannot attend the live broadcast, register anyway to get access to the audio replay.

The "Your Journey to Joy" webinar is based upon the teachings of Charlene's brand new book, The Oneness Gospel: Birthing the Christ Consciousness and Divine Human in You.

The Oneness Gospel is a rich mix of East and West, and science and mysticism, transcending the boundaries of religion, and uplifting the reader to that place of Oneness where Joy resides.
In a style that is both accessible and inspirational, Charlene expertly weaves together philosophy and practice, bringing us an understanding that there is ultimately only one purpose in life—to achieve Oneness with the Divine.
The Oneness Gospel is celebrating its official Amazon launch this Tuesday April 24th. During the "Your Journey to Joy" webinar, you'll find out how to pick up your copy of the book and how to receive these wonderful "thank you" gifts from Charlene and her friends and colleagues:

The MP3 download from the "Your Journey to Joy Webinar" AND
An invitation to "Twelve Principles for Becoming a Divine Human", a special online discussion with Charlene coming in May 2012, AND
A complete library of downloadable spiritual and personal development gifts from authors, speakers, coaches and other enlightened professionals from around the globe.
I do hope you'll join me in tuning into the "Your Journey to Joy" webinar, and that you'll have a look at Charlene's beautiful new book The Oneness Gospel
Again, here's the link to register for the webinar and to find out more about the book and the free gifts:

Wishing you a joy-filled day!

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