Monday, April 30, 2012

Psychic Gifts and Mediumship

When Sheryl Glick was my guest on We Are One in Spirit Podcast, she spoke about psychic gifts and mediumship. I’ll share a few highlights from that interview here and you may listen to the entire interview at

Sheryl: There’s a difference between a psychic and a medium and a healer. They’re different energies. A psychic receives information from another person’s aura or chakra system. A psychic is getting more from the person from their physical life. A medium receives information from a higher vibrational being, evolved soul, departed loved one, or an angel.

We all have this innate guidance system and we know what’s good for us. We have these vibes, these intuitions or senses, but very often we don’t listen to them. Because we think Oh, I better just pay attention to my mind, my ego and what other people are saying to me and sometimes we make wrong choices because of that. It’s important that you follow your inner guidance if you want to develop it.

If you take Reiki healing, it will open up channels and you will be drawn to like-minded people. You can join a group a meditation group and these gifts to enhance. The gifts increase when you’re in a framework of people, who are seekers of this understanding of energy and life—physical and spiritual life. Awareness is the first step of developing the gifts to a higher level.

Precognition is a blend of mediumship or psychic modalities. It’s coming from someone upstairs who is throwing a thought to you. It also could be because you have seen that person or sensed something about that person recently and you are aware that something is happening to them. It’s not always easy to tell how the information is coming in. All psychics are not mediums, but all mediums are using psychic abilities. So the psychic gift might be the beginning manifestation and as you go along further you might develop medium abilities, which is getting messages from higher source.

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