Thursday, April 26, 2012

Are You Spiritual.. or Religious?

Are you fed up with a religion that frowns upon people who think for themselves and prefers to tell you what you can and cannot do?

Are you tired of being told you are a sinner rather than a divine spark of God?

Those who are questioning the doctrine, dogma, and management of the church system will appreciate the fresh approach to the “good news” story that author S.L. (Steve) Brannon shares in his new book, The Two Agreements: A Good News Story for Our Time, which retells the greatest story ever told. This reinterpretation of the gospel, coupled with the Emergent Conversation and quantum science, asks those who love Jesus, the Bible, and the Christian-faith community to re-evaluate their position.

If you are satisfied with your spiritual life as it is, you do not need to read Steve’s book. His work challenges everyone to rethink the “saint and sinner” doctrine, embracing all humanity regardless of race, gender, religion, and past “sins.” The book compels you to examine the religious box you’ve been squeezing your belief into, without questioning leaders who have long been put upon a pedestal.

Today (Thursday, April 26, 2012) on We Are One in Spirit Podcast, Steve Brannon shares his reinterpretation of the Bible, which shines a light on your perfect relationship with the Divine, teaching you how to live freely yet securely in your eternal connection.

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Here is the replay to our discussion about why so many people are leaving organized religion.

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