Thursday, March 01, 2012

Quantum Angel Healing:Energy Therapy and Communication with Angels

Do you believe in angels? Did you know that you can work with them for healing yourself and others? It's simple if you know how. If you've ever wanted to communicate with angels, then you will enjoy participating in our podcast call today as author Eva-Maria Mora, joins us to discuss her new book, Quantum Angel Healing:Energy Therapy and Communication with Angels.

With topics such as cleansing the energy body, removing etheric cords and disoriented souls and entities, and an overview of the chakras and their functions, you will learn what to do when you feel your energy has been drained. There are 68 pages showing the correlation between an illness, the hidden belief (program) behind it, and which archangel is best to help clear it.

Self-knowledge is power and the first step toward recovery. This book teaches you to tell the difference between emotions and feelings and how they affect our health; and how to resolve any issues causing a disturbance in the body or electromagnetic field around the body.

This fabulous book to help practitioners as well as everyday people to use a heart-based practice and the wisdom of the angels to bring a more peaceful existence to the lives of everyone on the planet.

Join the new interactive format of We Are One in Spirit Podcast. It offers you, our listeners, the opportunity to call in and ask questions to me and my guests.Below is how you can call in and join the discussion each week. I will post the replay link after it is recorded:

Thursday, March 1 at 2:00 PM Central Time
Dial-in Number: 605-475-6350
Participant Access Code: 356172# 

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Angel Breath
As part of her course offering and in her book, Eva-Maria teaches the angel breath as a way to raise your vibration and connect to higher realms of consciousness where you may communicate with the angels and archangels. The angel breath requires you to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth while envisioning molecules of white light coming into the energy centers (chakras) and clearing these channels. Bringing your palms together you visualize a ball of energy forming. On the next inhale, allow the ball of light to enter the solar plexus at the navel. Exhaling, send the ball of light into the center of the earth where it is energized with all elements. Inhaling, draw the energy from the earth through your feet and bring it all the way to the top of the head. Exhale and release it into the cosmos where it is merged with divine energy and the angel energy you need. Breathing out, allow the angel energies to flow through your energy channel as bright white or colored rays of light.

Eva-Maria Mora was your typical successful, busy executive when her life took a complete, astonishing and life-saving U-turn. Her life changed forever when doctors delivered a shocking diagnosis to her six months after the birth of her son; she only had a few weeks to live. As she prayed for guidance and support, Mora experienced a spiritual awakening when she was visited by an angel. She began communicating with angels regularly and gained a new perspective on why people get sick, how they can heal themselves and how they can find their life's true purpose. In Mora’s new book, Quantum Angel Healing:Energy Therapy and Communication with Angels, she reveals how to restore health and balance to your life and the lives of others through connecting and communicating with angels.

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