Thursday, March 08, 2012

Life Is No Coincidence: The Life And Afterlife Connection

Do you sense spirits around you? Have you had a dream that was so real you could almost swear you were visited by a "deceased" loved one? Do you get precognitive information when someone is about to die? Have you ever "smelled" the presence of a spirit? You are not crazy! These are real experiences that remind us we are spirit beings having a human experience and that we begin a new experience without a physical body in the afterlife.

Learn more as this week's guest on We Are One in Spirit Podcast, Sheryl Glick discusses how her loved ones communicate with her from the other side. Thanks to the new interactive format of our show that offers listeners the opportunity to call in and ask questions, we have even more stories to share with you.

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Sheryl, an accredited Reiki Master Teacher, Practitioner and Medium offers healing sessions, leads group healing workshops and empowers her students to develop their healing and psychic abilities. She has been a member of the International Spiritual Federation and a long time Hospice volunteer. Sheryl Glick (BS and MA, Education/Literature) began as a teacher of elementary and special needs children in New York City and then shifted to a career in business, interior design and manager of a large furniture showroom, utilizing her ability to interact and assist people of many different backgrounds.

Following her publishing debut, Life is not Coincidence, Whispers from Spirit once again illustrates how Sheryl’s everyday interactions with people – from strangers to loved ones – offer one dynamic example after another that we are not alone and that our daily experiences are not coincidences. Her stories aim to alleviate readers of their fears and encourage them to explore the metaphysical aspects of our magical universe as well as connect to and develop their intuition – an innate and essential human skill that is mostly overlooked in our supersonic, consumer-driven society.

Her day-to-day experiences are a treasure trove of constant affirmation that we are all connected to one another beyond our apparent physical world, that there are no coincidences and that we live amidst multi-layered realms of consciousness and realities where the departed are a constant presence in our lives.

Whispers From Spirit captures Sheryl’s unique voice and her ability to find divinity in the routine of daily existence. Told through a series of personal anecdotes, the quiet drama of her stories builds to a powerful message of hope, inspiration and a read that is hard to put down. In a chronicle that is both lively and humorous, it becomes clear that everyone has the capacity to experience life on a higher level of consciousness, achieving our fullest potential and connecting with realms of existence beyond just the physical here on earth.

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