Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tips for Making the Holidays More Enjoyable

Thanksgiving is this Thursday in the US and I bet some of you are visiting with family members you'd rather not talk to much less share a meal with. If you are anticipating a tough time with some of these lovely people, you may benefit from today's message about taming that voice in your head that tends to find fault with others, jump to conclusions without having the facts (okay the fact is that person is obnoxious!), or wanting to be right rather than be at peace. Listen now by clicking in the player below. Relax! It only takes six minutes—you won't miss dessert!

Also, my podcast guest last week gave some excellent tips for DE-stressing some of these encounters. We can take breaks as often as needed to go within and recenter ourselves in our heart center—that peaceful place where only love is real. When our focus is in our heart and upon Sacred Love, our entire body feels more relaxed and our emotions calm down. We are able to step back, see the bigger picture, and even laugh at some of the things we see transpiring in the characters our family portrays.

Susann Shier's audio is about 45 minutes, which makes it ideal for listening to during holiday travel. Download it here:, and put it in your iPad, iPod, or MP3 player.

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