Friday, November 11, 2011

May Joy Be Yours Today and Always

I got this from a friend who will be a guest on my podcast this month. Susann's 11/11/11 sentiments are so lovely, I just had to share them with you.

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Soulful, Heart Filled Friends,   

This Day is 11-11-11.

Today each of us receives a
very beautiful infusion of our Creator's energy into the heart chamber.
Get ready to be beamed!

The beam of Creator light
promises to pulse through the sacred heart into the human heart with the
purest vibration of Love that we have ever known in this earth

Imagine a glorious blanket of
infinite Love covering your heart to heal the pain of separation and
bring you into the space of home where all parts exist together in the
oneness harmoniously. You are loved.
Universe sees you as its Beloved.

Allow this enfolding energy of
divine Love to surround you. Feel it like a divine womb holding you as
you birth yourself into this new cycle of potent creation opening its
magnificent, benevolent doors for you.

This pure Love fuels the power
and passion to connect and support each other in beautifully expanded
ways because you are exquisitely filled with the power and passion of
divine Love as never before.

A reset button is being pushed
today to bring you, and us all, to a brand new beginning.
Birthday to your newness.

Happy birthday to this grand
cycle of creation of a new earth birthed from the majestic splendor of
the heavens awaiting our heart and soul openness.

You are the
ones that the universe has waited for.

Know that because you are
here, you are being graciously ushered through this Portal of Love to a
magical world of your longings fulfilled.
Prepare to be empowered by
your very own eclipse of the heart.
Congratulations! Celebrate all that you are and all that you
have walked through to breathe yourself into this glorious time of truth
and wisdom.

   Spirit  Surrounding 

deepest birthing love,


Soul Mastery
Santa Monica , California 90405

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