Thursday, October 06, 2011

Transition, Expansion, and Transformation

Transition, Expansion, and Transformation-a face-to-face discussion with LavendarRose and Vickie B. Majors. Learn some easy ways to transform your life as you raise your soul's vibration.

Vickie B. Majors (a.k.a Vickie Victorious) is a spiritual leader and speaker with a passion for helping people through the many transitions in life. Now living her dream as an artist, writer, life coach and professional speaker, she is available for workshops, seminars, keynote speeches, and discussion groups to help people rediscover their passion and recreate their lives.

In 2000, everything shifted suddenly when she went through a difficult and unexpected divorce. Then came the events of September 11 which caused another big shift. Vickie decided to face her fears and boldly ask God for a quantum leap in spiritual understanding. Through a past life regression that included a soul retrieval process, she began to release karma caused by limiting beliefs. Her health began to improve as a result of the spiritual clearing. She soon found the courage to embrace a totally different path in life.

Not long after that, she went through a dark night of the soul. She was in an automobile accident, encountered a fall that fractured her knee, her daughter was hospitalized for almost three months, and then she was laid off from her job. These painful experiences opened the doors to a new way of living. Rather than wallowing in depression, Vickie decided to take advantage of the opportunity to use her God-given talents and experiences to help others find their way through transitions of life and to live their authentic life.

Vickie shares the fresh wonder in her world through the brilliant colors of her paintings that developed after experiencing the effects of 9-11. These are also expressed as special nostalgic moments to be shared with others.

She also teaches management and leadership workshops. Her goal is to build leaders and transform management to a positive approach for success. She is a polished, professional motivational speaker available to share her knowledge on a wide variety of spiritual topics and popular leadership topics which can be presented as a keynote, breakout session or seminar:

• Leadership Skills for Women
• Spiritual Leadership
• How to Develop & Enhance Your Leadership Skills
• Management Skills for New Managers
• Creating Your Personal Mission Statement
• Is there Life after Transition?

Audience members will take away a roadmap to use to begin transforming their life and to see life through different eyes. Her life coaching clients are amazed to see how easily they can incorporate their dreams into their current daily life. Her speeches and workshops are interactive while encouraging others to start today to recreate their lives.

As a young woman born in a small Texas town, Vickie moved to Tennessee with two children, no job, no contacts, and less than $500.00 to her name. She had a belief that anyone can do well if they have faith, dedication, and work hard. I’d say she has done pretty well!

YOUR TURN! In what ways are you expanding your soul? What transition are you going through that let's you know you are transforming your thinking, your life, your soul?

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