Thursday, September 22, 2011

Does your View of God Need an Update?

I'm reading Carl Bozeman's book, On Being God, Beyond Your Life's Purpose, and my eyes have been opened as to why we really are gods. I've also gained insight to the fact that we are the external god that we continuously create outside of the kingdom of right-mindedness, peace, and joy within us.

One way to tell if you have created god in your own image is to note whether or not your god has the same character flaws that you hope to rid society of. Such as these:

  • Does he stand ready to punish for wrong doing?
  • Is he war-like, ready to battle those who disagree, many times causing harm or death of another person?
  • Is he jealous or vindictive?
  • Does he get angry or violent at times?
  • Does he use his power to get his way?
  • Does he play favorites or have nothing to do with those who are not like him?
  • Is he prejudiced either for or against any race, religion, or culture?
  • Does he take away good things?
  • Does he criticize or judge others?
  • Does he have a negative attitude that condemns?
  • Does he get his feelings hurt easily and retaliate?
  • Does he inflict sickness or calamity upon those who “sin”?
  • Is your God a martyr?
  • Does he try to rescue people from their own experience of reality?
You may not believe your god personally acts in the above manner; however, he may condone this kind of behavior in his followers. If so, your image of god is actually the image you hold of yourself. You have projected the harsh character flaws of the Judeo-Christian deity onto an image that may not reflect your personal truth—yet you say is worthy of worship.

You will achieve in your life only the level of character excellence that you have assigned to your god. If you want world peace, let your god be peaceful. If you want love, let your god be loving. And, since you are god, the responsibility for this change is actually yours. So, if you want respect, respect others. If you want to be judged, judge others. If you want to be punished, punish others. The Law of Attraction will see that you reap what you sow.

If the above characteristics identify your god, you have not fully understood that you ARE the creator of your own reality. And, you have not learned to love yourself. You can't love yourself with this kind of mindset. To love yourself or believe that you are god would be pious, right? Actually, the ego (the serpent in the Garden of Eden according to Bozeman) is the one telling you that. The ego is the voice in your head that tells you to judge people and lifestyles so you can give them value according to the right or wrong, good or bad you perceive.

If we live according to any fear-based belief, mind-restraining doctrine, or other external images of right or wrong, we are putting other gods before the true God of love and light within us. Like Carl's book says, because of ego, it's hard to change and give up limiting beliefs even when we recognize they are wrong.

Is there really a benevolent being overseeing the multiverse? There could be. But, it’s not flawed with character defects. There is a divine matrix of energy that holds everything together. I know that everything has consciousness, so there is more than likely a Source (or benevolent being) form which all consciousness stems from. That Source is neutral—it does not judge anything to be bad or good, right or wrong; it doesn't need to defend its position—it just IS!

How can God be a house divided against itself? If you want to be like God or recognize that you ARE God, be clear about how you define your God. Take time to write down all the characteristics you have assigned to God and see if this is the kind of entity you want ruling the earth. If not, get a copy of Carl's book and start letting go of the ego that has made your life so miserable! Start loving the Love within you.


TIME TO SHARE: What did you discover about your idea of God by reading this post? What ways have you been limiting yourself? What do you think you will change as a result?

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