Friday, September 02, 2011

A Celebration of Spiritual and Religious Unity, Wisdom and Friendship!

I want all my friends and readers to know that my friend Andrew Cort’s Blog, Spirituality and Religion, is now hosting a:

Celebration of Spiritual and Religious
Unity, Wisdom and Friendship!

Andrew picked September as the time for this ‘Celebration’ as a way to commemorate the Tenth Anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, by taking one small step to promote Peace, Brotherhood and Sisterhood among people of different faiths and beliefs.

What he’s done is to contact Authors, Filmmakers, Musicians and Artists, who are creating work in support of Unity, Friendship, Spiritual Wisdom, and Intercultural Understanding, and asked them to contribute a little of their work to this Celebration. So for the next few weeks they will be sharing Book Excerpts, Film Clips, Audio Recordings, and Artwork.

Some of the contributors include:

Alexandra Villard de Borchgrave
Ervin Laszlo and Alan Combs (writing about the late Thomas Berry)
Louise Hay
Cheryl Richardson
Kell Kearns
Desmond Phoenix
Saleem Ahmed
Alice O. Howell
Zayra Yves
Caedem Marquez
Thomas Wyllie
Ray Comeau
Jocelyn Rose
Carol Parrish
and many more!!

Visit Spirituality and Religion every day to celebrate, and be sure to spread the word!

One more thing:

To make the celebration even more fun, there will be a GIVEAWAY CONTEST held Every Day to win a Free Prize (a book, a DVD, an Audio, etc.) from the contributor whose work is being featured that day. All you have to do to be entered in that day’s contest, is to take a moment and write a Comment about the work they’ve posted. That’s it! One winner’s name will be drawn randomly.

Good Luck to everyone!

First up: Alice O. Howell’s wonderful book, The Web in the Sea. See you there!

Andrew Cort is an Author, Speaker, Attorney, Teacher, and Doctor of Chiropractic.

He is also the Host of Spirit of the Berkshires on CTSB-TV and available on his website.

His most recent book, The Purpose of Religion: Enlightenment, Meaning and Love in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Symbology, celebrates the underlying decency and spiritual unity of our western traditions. You can find out more about Dr. Cort, his books, videos, speaking engagements,etc, at, which honors the magnificent diversity and common spirit of all our Traditions.


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