Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Overcoming Darkness

You cannot find light by analyzing darkness. Light is within us. It is our Divine nature. The kingdom of God is rightmindedness, peace, and joy. If anything manifests as something other than this loving nature it is not your energy. It is the ego’s device to keep you from recognizing your oneness with the divine.

By acknowledging darkness through fear, hatred, resentment, and such, we allow darkness to grow. That’s because what we focus on increases. Therefore, focus on the light and love within yourself and others; it will grow and transform the mind, reprogramming it to think on higher things. This is your true energy—your spiritual essence that has been hidden by the illusion—fear. Perceive light and experience this miraculous return to wholeness.

The ego is not more powerful than God/Godesss. The ego does not exist in the Light. It is an illusion on the earth plane (behind this veil) that causes us to see ourselves as something other than a perfect child of God. To rise above the veil, we must see ourselves as one with our creator and allow the light to shine through us and upon us. It’s about moving our ego out of the way and allowing this divine light and information to do what it does best—heal us, our bodies, our collective mind, and the planet—from the illusion of separation. A healer or therapist does not heal. He or she simply lets healing occur.

So, let me ask you: What are you focusing on today? Will it bring more light into your life and the world? If not, how will you shift your focus to allow healing to occur in your life, another person, or a situation you are facing? Our mental abilities and thoughts are very powerful. They are energy and they create your reality. You are the Light of the world. Make it a good one!

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