Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Being God Beyond Your Life's Purpose

Carl Bozeman joined Lavendar Rose to discuss his new book  On Being God, Beyond Your Life's Purpose on We Are One in Spirit Podcast.

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to admit that we are God/Goddess? Our limiting social and religious conditioning has taught us that we are not in control of our circumstances—that we are victims and unable to alter what we experience.

Every civilization, throughout all of human history, there has been, or is, a belief in a universal being, a God in heaven as it were. Guess what? We were wrong. There is NOT a "big" God out there somewhere in the heavens who influences all of us to some degree or another. Humans are God on Earth! Yes, that’s right. God is not somewhere out there. He/She is Emmanuel—God with us, in us, living as us in human form.

We spend our lives searching for personal identity when it is really as close as taking another look at yourself from a higher, more enlightened perspective. Carl Bozeman has a powerful message that anyone who is feeling down, depressed, or vulnerable needs to hear. Carl Bozeman has found what Jesus refers to as, "the kingdom of heaven." The kingdom of heaven is not within us, rather it is us!

Carl is a spiritual pioneer whose message is to inspire, uplift, and challenge everyone to let go of the limiting illusion they accept as life. His message and his book bring about a new awareness—an eternal awareness where no boundaries exist.

Carl is the author of On Being God Beyond Your Life’s Purpose and in this book he discusses . . .

• How to find the “source” of who we really are
• The first steps to take in finding this inner divine self, this god within us
• What to do when we find the god within
• Why it is so difficult to accept the idea that we are all gods
• Why we all live in an illusion.
• Why "good and evil" really do not exist. Hint: Good and evil is a metaphor for the infinite possibility available to all of us. We are limitless!
• What is our purpose on Earth if we are already gods?
• Learn some ways you can leave the job you hate, recreate your life, and earn an income doing what you love

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