Thursday, August 25, 2011

Living Life As You Always Dreamed

Angelica Rose joins LavendarRose to discuss Living Life As You Always Dreamed on We Are One in Spirit Podcast today. You will enjoy this interview thanks to Angelica who gives three very useful tools for calming down and creating harmonious feeling when you experience anxiety.

Angelica Rose is a national gifted Essence Specialist since 1991 presents group talks and offers private sessions to spiritually gifted, heart centered and creative people which provides opportunities to expand spiritual and creative gifts and into greater levels of awareness. She is gifted as a certified hypnotist, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. She is able to channel angel guides, and offer energy and chakra reading and balancing, to help with expanding your soul's frequency.

In Living Life As You Always Dreamed, you will learn how to identify, minimize and even eliminate the distractions that divert you from living a happier productive life. Angelica defines these distractions as beliefs or programs such as insecurities, fears, self-induced limitations, that hold you back from being the great person you are meant to be.

Distractions are self-destructive. The ability to recognize your distractions, to evolve through self-awareness, and the process of letting go, will enable you to approach life and relationships in a more balanced and living way. It all begins with you-becoming a self-directed leader, as Angelica defines.

In reading this book you will gain:

* Live a more fulfilling and peaceful life
* Handle situations with more ease
* Improve decision making skills
* Communicate "with each other" rather than "at each other"
* Build self respect and self confidence
* Improve listening skills
* Improve relationships
* Become more self motivated

Angelica is the author of two books, Living Life as You Always Dreamed and Secrets to Running a Successful Business; three 15-minute relaxation CDs. Check out her inspirational messages  inspirational messages software CD and read more about Angelica on her website:
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