Sunday, August 28, 2011

Emotions Are Not to Be Our God

I came across a very empowering quote in Dr. Joshua David Stone's book, Ascension and Romantic Relationships. "Emotions are not your god."

Wow! So many times I've caught myself in a moment when my ego was ruling my response to a situation. In those cases, I was allowing my ego to use my emotions in a detrimental manner that could easily hurt another person, or my own reputation.

We can control our emotions by using our mental power and free will. We can either choose to grovel in negativity or allow unpleasant energy to pass through without getting stuck or causing our day to be ruined. The mind is the most powerful machine a human can operate! Use it to create joy, peace, and love.

I like what Michael R. Smith said on Empath Connection Facebook Group: "Lots of light is being created by our collective efforts, and thus, darkness is coming to the surface on its way out. Stay positive and focused on creating light. Don't be dragged into drama."

Whatever you are experiencing today is only energy. If it is detrimental, ask for healing so you can come into your power more quickly.

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