Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Charene Henderson To Give Live Readings

LavendarRose and Charene Henderson present a discussion on present world events and how to recognize the guidance our spiritual counterparts are sending to us during our most pressing experiences. The second half of the show contains two psychic readings for those who called in during the recording.

Inspirational and Motivational Speaker: Metaphysical Life Coach Ms. Charene Henderson is the Executive Director of Rescue Rangers OPES. She is a Metaphysis, Certified Reiki I and a Sacred Triad healer, a Spiritual Inspirational speaker and Life-coach. Charene is an intuitive of 35 years, who possesses intuit medium gifts as a psychic, clairsentient, clairvoyant, strong empathic and healer. As a writer she is able to use her gift of healing in creative ways. You can read her articles monthly in the International Magazine Paranormal Explorer found on the website (formally known as You can also read some samples of her metaphysical writings in blogs found on her company website.

Charene holds a MS in Human Resource Management and a BA in Business Administration Management. She utilizes her public speaking skills presenting personal empowerment seminars founded on metaphysical concepts and scientific facts. She teaches beginners guided meditation classes to those returning or just getting started with tuning into their own divine guides through meditation. In addition to her many spiritual abilities, Charene possesses the gift of dream interpretation, performs spiritual house cleansings, and hosts holistic and metaphysical shows.

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