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Changing Times and Physical Realignments

As September approaches, I want to remind you of a free teleseminar being offered at "Empaths Shifting into 2012: A Telesummit to Help Energy-Sensitive People Understand Their Spiritual Role on Earth." The dates are:

September 6, 13, 20, and 27, 2011.

Go to ( and register for 4 different teleseminar programs with 8 different empaths providing tips for you for the coming days. This high-powered telephone seminar series is comprised of four calls of about 1.5 hours with two speakers/authors making presentations for 30-35 minutes each plus time for Q and A. If you are an empath, you will learn how to better manage this gift and how to increase your service to others. If you aren’t yet an empath, you will be and now is the time to find out about it!

One of the speakers for this telesummit is a beloved friend of mine, Dr. Thomas Goode, (also known as the “Soul Doctor” because of his emphasis on the holistic, natural aspects of health and optimal living). As the founder of the International Breath Institute, Tom will teach Full Wave Breathing (FWB) as a simple but powerful way to process physical changes in the bodies and maintain all aspects of health. For many years, Tom has used FWB to create (manifest, support) a healthy mindbody system. I've been using FWB for about six months now and I can tell a difference in how much energy I have; and I've sensed a huge upswing in my soul development since I began.

Tom and I urge you to take a specific action for your spiritual expansion and enhancement. One way to do that is of course to participate in the FREE training "Empaths Shifting into 2012." Another way is to sign up for Tom's informative and FREE Inspired Lifestyles monthly newsletter available @

See? Spiritual development doesn't have to cost a lot of money, but there is a price: an investment of love—for yourself. Are you willing to accept the choice that progressively expanding your energy is an exercise routine and taking action in your mindbodyspirit system’s behalf?

To help you see what a treat you are in for by participating in the September telesummmit, here is an excerpt from article Tom wrote. It is titled, "Changing Times and Physical Realignments."Get the full article at

The most-often-asked questions that come to me have to do with managing the sensation (perception, experience) of pain. The body is changing, updating itself in response to energy shifts within the Earth and Cosmos. Our sun no longer shields the planet from radiation originating within the solar system and galaxy and most all of us are feeling it.

If you have a medical condition, see a medical practitioner. If you are normally healthy and are not being treated for a disease or injury, read on.

A Course in Miracles says that the ego's final stand arises when it wants you to think you are your body. It does this by telling you that 1. You are in pain instead of the body and that 2. You are "to blame" for the pain of transformation.The ego wants you to think that somewhere in time--this lifetime or another (simultaneous or linear depending upon your belief)—you screwed up. Thus, the ego would have you fixate upon the (kundalini) movement of energy up the spine and through the body. Then any condition that is constricted, contorted, compressed and causing pain is because you are at fault.

No so, say he who has danced with the kundalini movement for a decade or two or three, noting its movement in response to purification efforts, energetic upgrades from internal practices and simply being on the planet at a time when cosmic forces align (or re-align) and earth energies are moving. Instead, the good news in all of this is that the sensation itself WILL pass.Seldom does it last more than a few days. Of course, it seems endless at the time--and that one will most likely be replaced by another, equally mysterious of origin, sensation we likely experience and label as discomfort, upset and pain.

People report flashes of past lives and (memories?) visions of the affected body parts being subjected to dismemberment and the body undergoing death. Or there may be a sense that another you (in time) is involved while you have a curious detachment—except for the sensation. Or you may just plain hurt and seeking the elimination the pain.

This IS a strange time, perceived to be a cyclical time when all of the aspects of soul are activated and sensated in the process of integration. If, as many have foretold, this is a time of spiritual awakening and activation, becoming aware of energy flows and constrictions (they are not blocks though it may appear that way) is automatic. The question for each of us, “What can we do for our bodies?”

The idea is to not resist the sensation (pain) and instead deal with it physically and integrate the energies that are presenting themselves.This is a four-step process as described in our training program:

• Allow—Mental
• Accept—Emotional
• Embrace—Physical
• Celebrate—Spiritual

To make allowance for is to stop the initial mental resistance and acknowledge there to be discomfort or pain. Yes, it is (at least) an inconvenience and may even impede or interrupt our precious plans (schemes and goal-gettings).To accept is to give it the space—a right to be there (in the body even if passing) and to issue an inner “peace be still” message to the system, reassuring the creature self and cells.To embrace is to get into the full swing of caring for the situation.

Assuming you are not in an emergency situation and, instead, simply are in pain and discomfort with the condition, then muscle test which of those treatments on the list given are for you. Then wait. While you wait, breathe in the best thoughts you can hold. Alternatively, read or recite your affirmations as you Full Wave breathe. If your paid was traced to trapped emotions, find out what they were and breathe in that awareness.

Reliable Kinesiology is a review of a simple way to muscle test and receive communication for wellbeing from inner wisdom.Use your body as a pendulum by allowing a tilting forward or back in answer to yes or no questions. The process works best when you breathe first and center yourself, breathing a Full Wave Breath or three and coming into your heart from your head and gut. Enjoy!

What Can I Do For YOU?
Imagine making a simple shift in your everyday life so that virtually every measure of your health would not only improve, but would surpass the health standards of someone decades younger too! How would you think/act/be if your higher self was in charge and you were following your heart’s intelligence? Then you could move on, beyond the mind. What would happen if you were to breathe for five minutes without a question OR intention?  This is not science fiction—it's reality.

Call me @ 817-847-8216 (weekdays, 9-5 Central Time) or email Tom for a no-cost consultation. The first thing I am going to tell you is to BREATHE. GET A HEAD START and use Full Wave Breathing for a week first. Then call me! Emotions will rise higher. At the emotional level on of the choices people have to learn is how to surf the rising tides of emotion around you, learning how to be quiet inside while those around you is not. Your friend, Full Wave Breathing will serve you well.

Dr. Goode is the author of seven books on holistic living. His most recent is Breathe and Grow Rich—Self Care to Enrich Your Whole Life.  Get Tom's book,
Breathe and Grow Rich, at

Remember to go to ( and register for the free empath training.

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