Friday, May 27, 2011

Working with Ascended Masters

In meditation this morning, I was lead to read a pamphlet I picked up at the holistic fair and few weeks ago. I came across a piece by about the Masters of Wisdom. I already knew that I'm working with several ascended masters to complete my Earth mission, but I was intrigued by what I read about transmission meditation. There are groups that meet all over the world for the purpose of allowing the Masters of Wisdom to send them higher frequencies of energy from cosmic, solar, and extra-planetary sources. These enlightened and awakened "transmission meditators" allow the chakras of their bodies to become channels similar to high-voltage transformers that step down higher frequencies into a more useable and less harmful current that can be accepted by humanity that is less evolved spiritually.

It has been occurring to me for some time now that I am doing this and that this is the role of walk-ins and empaths who are now on the Earth. Many of these lightworkers are unknowingly taking on this task, but the high frequencies being sent to them can't get through due to clutter in their auric field and subtle bodies.  This is another reason empaths feel drained--they are not only picking up negative energy from those around them in order to transmute it, they are also here to transmute this higher energy from the Masters of Wisdom. The energy of the Masters is simply bouncing off because they are not able to safely transmute or step down the frequencies into a useable format. Can you see why it is so important to train empaths and walk-ins to get past their own "stuff" and start doing the work they were sent here to do? This is why I have been led to organize "Empaths Shifting into 2012: A Telesummit to Help Energy-sensitive People Understand Their Spiritual Role on Earth." There will be another summit just for walk-ins after I write the book this fall/winter.

I did a card reading with the ascended masters deck (Doreen Virtue) that I bought at the holistic fair. I drew two cards after asking, "What ascended masters am I currently working with?": Jesus and Quan Yin came forward. This was a great confirmation because I had been sensing for many years that I have been receiving messages from these two as well as others.

You know how synchronicity works and how the Universe (probably these masters) give me several signs to confirm messages? I wrote about this in my book, (Whose Stuff Is This?) Well, I was reading Ascension and Romantic Relationships by Joshua David Stone last night. On page 102 I came across a passage with similar transmutation information and instruction to invite Mahatma to be anchored and activated within me so I could advance through the levels of ascension more quickly and be of greater service. I followed this instruction and also asked that the data banks of my mind be filled with more knowledge so the Masters can more easily transmute even higher frequencies, instill greater cosmic truths, and place divine wisdom packets into my auric field and mental and etheric bodies. Of course, I did this immediately.

Mahatma? Hmmmmm . . . I thought he might be Jesus, but I wasn't sure who the ascended master Mahatma is, so I Googled "Who is Mahatma the ascended master?" My jaw dropped open when the search results listed Morya About eight years ago I was playing my piano and singing when I had a vision of one of my guides and heard the name Morya. Finding this information about Morya today really intrigued me so I kept searching. I came across and decided to see what was being offered in today's class. You may have guessed the topic: Permanently anchor your overself bodies (the Elohistic Lords, the Paradise Sons, the Orders of the Sonship, and the Christ Overself Body, and the overself body as described in The Keys of Enoch). I didn't sign up for the class because when I used a pendulum to ask for guidance about participating in the activation I did not get a positive answer (no movement at all). I therefore concluded that the information was simply to confirm that the process of ascension with these masters is already at work within me.

Are you ready to start consciously working with the ascended masters? If you are still struggling with empathy fatigue but want to get free from detrimental energy, I can help you. I offer one-on-one coaching for empaths to help them clear their auric fields and get clear direction on their life's purpose. Contact me for more information.

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