Sunday, May 22, 2011

Empathy Telesummit - How the 2012 Shift is Affecting Energy-sensitive People

We are a generation that walks between two worlds—that of physical reality and spiritual realms. Millions of people have lost many things: loved ones, jobs, investments, property, savings, etc. Many empaths have been cocooning and processing grief, trying to determine what they wish to bring forward and what is the next step.

A great number of folks are leaving the planet through the change known as death. People are having to heal generational patterns that no longer serve the greatest good. This is hard work physically and energetically.

The shift is occurring so rapidly (as it must) that empathic people may feel nearly insane, as if we can't catch our breath or stay grounded. The spiritual knowledge of the ancients is being uncovered and rediscovered, and everyone's inner healer seems to be waking up. We have the ability to shift all of this for good, but we must learn to love that which most disturbs us and learn to live far more intuitively and collaboratively.

I am putting together a teleseminar about empathy, but first I want to know how much interest there is in this type of workshop.

1. This teleseminar would be free except for the cost of a long-distance call. A teleseminar is conducted via telephone. Everyone calls the number they are given and enters a pass code to join the conference.

2. There will be a panel of about eight experts who will speak about how the earth is shifting to bring in more divine feminine energy and how this affects lightworkers and empaths. You will be able to ask questions in advance or during each of the four one-hour calls spread over a four-week period.

Would you like to participate in this free telesummit? If you have any interest, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.


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