Friday, May 20, 2011

Did You Forget to Believe in Magic?

When we were children, we would catch fireflies in jars dazzled by their light, blow on dandelions to make wishes come true, and collect pinecones to make creatures. We still believed in fairies... and magic. And when we were sad, we would sit under a tree and feel less lonely. Nature was our friend and all our answers could be found there, as well as, all our cures to what ails us.

The fairies of today are different than the fairies of the children's tales and the mystical beings only found living under certain oak trees or fairy circles in the sand. Today's Fairies live right in your backyard, the park, and the beautiful plant you just brought home from Home Depot. These energies want to help you now to heal your re-connection to Nature, and as a result, restore your health on all levels, and bring back that joyful being you once were before you forgot.

It's time to believe in magic again. There are only a few more days to register for Ronni's Fairy Online School classes for June session and work with that great fairy energy. Now's the time to sign up!

It's the perfect time to learn flower healing magic--flower essence healing with the flowers growing in your yard; the magic of psychic communication--to establish a deeper connection with your Animals both living and on the other side; healing ourselves magic--to take care of your sensitive self with my class and e-book deal; angel magic--or time to really hear your Guides and Angel's guidance, and now .a new class to the offering.

This month's new mini course is Exploring the Vibrational Healing Qualities of Roses. Together, we will make some rose essences, play with the different colors of roses, the different types and how they heal, and access that higher vibration so we can rise above all the negative mud we are surrounded by. When we are raised up, we are open to receiving all that’s good for us. That door is open and we are not closed down. We’re open to magic. We’ll tap into that energy and play and experiment, with the help of the fairies of the roses, of course.

And for those interested in teleclasses and want to nurture your feminine self while connecting to the Fairy energy, head on over to the Animal Spirit Network and sign up for my upcoming May teleclass, Fairy Healing for Women.Head on over to Ronni's site now:
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