Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Information Medicine Transforming Lives

I read The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself  in preparation for an hour-long interview with Dr. Pearl on my show, We Are One in Spirit Podcast. From the time I began chapter 1, I kept hearing in my mind: "impartation of gifts." This is something I hadn't thought of since my intercessory prayer days. For many years while serving as a worship leader, I had witnessed people being healed. I suppose I was hoping that the source of this Reconnective Healing would miraculously infuse Eric’s writing and that by reading the book, I might sense an increase the gift of healing in me.

When I reached the close of chapter 8, I found Dr. Pearl's assurance that an impartation can occur with the reading of this book. I could feel the energy when I “played” with it as is taught in the book, but I can’t say that any increase in my ability to heal myself or others manifested as a result.

In my interview with Dr. Pearl, he explained how the activation process of this all-inclusive spectrum of healing frequencies can be taught and caught in his weekend seminars. At first, this might sound like the author is trying to get money from people by urging them to attend his seminars. But, in reality he has witnessed doctors, energy workers, and healers as they begin to access a level of healing (light and information) beyond anything any of them has been able to access prior to the seminar.

I may be somewhat skeptic, but I always want to know if something is real. When I posted an announcement on Facebook that Dr. Pearl was going to be a guest on my show, my friend, Wayne, emailed me. Three years ago Wayne attended a lecture given by Dr. Pearl. My friend had been in agonizing shoulder pain for almost nine months, so he raised his hand when Eric asked if anyone had shoulder pain. Eric invited him to come up front. Eric waved his hand in front of Wayne’s shoulder. Wayne felt something cool, then warm, then cool again like a breeze blowing inside his shoulder. After a few minutes he was able to raise his arm over his head with barely any pain at all. The next day he was pain free and noted an increase in mobility. Two years later, Wayne had ex-rays that showed an inoperable and severely-torn rotator cuff. The doctor couldn’t understand why Wayne was not in agonizing pain and how he had so much mobility. Wayne said, “Eric and Reconnective Healing are for real!”

I believe him. The new frequencies of Reconnective Healing have been scientifically measured by researchers, who are now calling it forefront of “Information Medicine.” It reminds me of the primordial stem cells that seem to have divine intelligence in knowing exactly where to go to work on a patient to restore heal by regenerating a perfect and natural healing. I find this a very exciting day to be living on the planet, and I look for Reconnective Healing to continue transforming lives.

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Yvonne Perry
Author of Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You.

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