Monday, March 28, 2011

What is the Veil We See through Dimly?

You cannot fully understand light by analyzing darkness. The light is within us. It is our divine nature. The kingdom of God/Goddess is right-mindedness, peace, and, joy. If anything manifests as something other than this loving gentle nature, it is not your true energy! It is the ego’s device to keep you from recognizing your oneness with the divine.

By acknowledging darkness through fear, hate, resentment and such, we allow it to grow because what we focus on increases. Focus on the love and light within yourself and others, and watch it grow. This exercise transforms the mind and reprograms it to think on higher things. Perceive light and experience a miraculous return to wholeness.

The ego is not more powerful than God/Goddess. The ego does not even exist in the light. It is only an illusion that causes us to see ourselves as something other than a loving child of God. Healing is the result of stepping out of the illusion and living in the light—the light that is already in you waiting to be given a chance to shine. The illusion—the ego or idea of separation—is the only block that prevents us from experiencing miracles.

The egoic collective unconsciousness of earth is a veil that we see through dimly. It is an illusion that has been cast as a shadow on the earth plane. It manifests in the lives of everyone who lives in an earth suit. To rise above the veil, we must see ourselves as one with our creator and with others. This allows the light to shine through us and upon us.

To heal others, also heals us. To heal our own mind, heals other minds. It is very important to avoid judging others because this reinforces the belief in separateness and adds negativity to the collective unconsciousness.

The mind is a powerful tool. Use it to free yourself from what you perceive as darkness or detrimental energy. In Spontaneous Healing of Belief, Greg Braden asks if we believe there are two opposing forces—good and evil, Satan and God. Our answer to this question determines how much resistance we feel within our minds, emotions, and body.

Learning to embrace the less-pleasing shadow side is an art. I explain this ability to be non-resistance in my book, Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You. See

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