Friday, March 18, 2011

Circular – The Pathways of Life

Today's post is by guest blogger, Selena Wolff, a new friend I met online recently. You'll find more of her writing on her blog, Solitary Words: Finding Spirit Through Writing

Many of us think of time and space as linear; straight-forward thinking and direct routes to reach our goals. But by attuning ourselves to nature, realizing that we are all a part of it, it becomes easier to see that life itself does not always flow in a straight line. For growth and success to occur, both professionally and personally, the realization of the true nature of time and tides must occur.

As winter turns to spring, then summer and fall, so do the cycles become evident in our own lives. Death, rebirth, growth, and decline are not only indicators of how a whole life progresses, but also of how the day to day minutiae ebb and flow like the tide of the ocean. One of the dictionary’s many definitions of circular is “moving or occurring in a cycle or round: the circular succession of the seasons”. My own definition would include “circling round to the beginning, yet at a different place”. The morning sun rises, progresses through the day, dips into evening, and back to the dark night.

But throughout that day, we have progressed. Hopefully learned something new to improve tomorrow. Simply put this is learning from our mistakes. On a deeper spiritual level, it means that growth has occurred; life is movement. As part of the circular motion of nature, we are offered the opportunity to fulfill our own potential. Not only can I become a better mother or father, writer or factory worker, but I can see the Divine in myself and stretch toward the light of truth, working in concert with my higher goals.

This is not a call to join a religion, but a recognition of potential. In the stock market, an analyst must watch the rise and fall of stocks in order to intuit the time to buy or sell, the goal to make profit. Historians know that history is ‘doomed’ to repeat itself if no one is watching to avert mistakes. Nature goes through tantrums and times of peace. It is the cycle that gives us the ability to take control of destiny and change the future. Its gift is a clearer vision of who we are and the release of illusions that hold us back.

All that is required is attention. As the saying goes, ‘watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves’. Pay attention to the cycles happening all around you and soon you begin to see how they affect your life. Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to change the world but by aligning ourselves to the circular motion of life, we are able to understand more fully our own place in the world and to realize that potential to the fullest.

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Nanakoosa said...

Thank You Selena,
I have been pondering this concept myself lately while wondering how I suddenly ended up in a challenging situation that I have been through already. I did realize that although the pattern has repeated, I have changed and that allows for new lessons, different solutions and the opportunity for growth.

Yvonne Perry said...

Remember the first Shrek movie in 2001? Shrek tried to explain to Donkey that there is more to ogres than most people realize. He gave an example of an onion having layers. I think that's a good analogy about life! We peel one layer thinking we cleared an issue and then we get into a similar situation later only to discover that we still have another layer to deal with. There are patterns and beliefs that cause us to have to have a "do over" on certain lessons. We have to change the underlying thought or belief in order to stop repeating the lesson.