Tuesday, March 01, 2011

AUDIO: Divine Mother Puja

I have made a list of 108 attributes that I appreciate about the Mother Goddess and created a puja to honor the divine feminine aspect of our Creator. You will need a small bouquet of flowers and a statue or photo to represent the Goddess. Dress your altar with a lovely cloth, light a candle and some incense to set the atmosphere and invite the Mother to your ritual. This is an opportunity to ask for healing or anything you want to receive. 

The audio is about 20 minutes long. Enjoy!

The background music on this audio is Taliesin Okant.

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Monkey said...

Thank you for this. I've been going through big transformations lately, and the instability of such change has left me hungry for greater closeness with my Mother. I appreciate the inspiration.

Yvonne Perry said...

I'm thankful the material was helpful to you.