Thursday, February 17, 2011

Psychic Gifts in the Church? Really!

The church frowns upon the use of psychic readings and mediums to get spiritual information. This intuitive gift is very valuable. For instance, this past week, I was contacted by a woman whose three-year-old son had been frightened and cried hysterically every time he awoke from sleep. The problem started when he was born and was getting worse and he would not allow his mother to touch him, hold him, or comfort him during his meltdowns. The mother of this was at her wits end trying to figure out why her son seemed to hate her whenever he awoke. She could not get him to talk about what was bothering him.

I “inquired of the Lord” and sensed that the child was being harassed by the angry ghost of someone the mother had known intimately. She confirmed that a man she had a lengthy relationship with was very angry with her when he was killed. She was pregnant at the time. It made sense to me that the former boyfriend was earthbound and attempting to get back at her through her son by feeding him all kinds of disturbing lies about her during his dream state —thus, she was unable to console him. I taught her how to smudge her house with sage and call upon Archangels Michael and Chamuel to assist this ghost to finding a better place in the afterlife. The next day she reported that her son awoke in a pleasant mood . He went to his room alone to get a toy. He returned smiling and excitedly said, “Mommy, you made the ghost go away!”

The gift of intuition is a tool for helping people find peace and answers. How can that not be of God?

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