Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Many Gifts, Many Expressions, One Spirit

My podcast, blogs, and books are my pulpit, and here is my sermon for today.
There are religious people who do not believe that the same spirit (the Holy Spirit) gives all good gift—including spiritual gifts such as prophecy. They think that if a psychic gives a reading outside the church it is evil, but a word from the Lord is okay.

Donna Seebo told me about a pastor’s wife who is a prayer warrior. People come to her for counseling because she is known for her wisdom. They will ask her to pray about a matter. Then, they come back later after her prayer time and she gives them the answer stating, “Here is what God told me.”

She’s safe when she uses her intuitive gift in this manner, but if she said she was a psychic, she would get kicked out of her church. How silly! It’s the same gift of prophetic knowing. Hearing from Spirit is something anyone can do regardless of their religious beliefs. The same spirit does the work, but the setting and vernacular makes one socially acceptable and the other taboo.

Prophetic and psychic gifts are commonly mentioned throughout the Bible. For example, what do you know about the prophets Eli and Samuel in the book of I Samuel?
A barren woman named Hannah goes to the temple crying, pleading, and begging God to open her womb and give her a child. The priest, Eli, sees this distraught woman and thinks she is drunk. He tells her to put away her wine. She affirms that she has not been drinking, but is sorrowful because she has no child.

“You are going to have a child,” Eli says. “So, stop crying. This child is to be dedicated to the services of the temple. Keep him until he is five years old, then bring him to me.”

If that isn’t a psychic reading, I don’t know what is!

Five years later, Hannah brings Samuel to the priest, Eli.

As Eli and Samuel were sleeping one night, the boy starts hearing a voice call his name. Samuel thinks Eli is calling him so he gets up to see what the priest needs. Eli sends him back to bed saying, “I didn’t call you.”

This happened three times and on the third time, it finally dawned on Eli that the child was manifesting the gift of prophecy. “Go back to bed and this time when the voice calls you, answer it!”

Thus, Samuel was recognized as a prophet when he was a young boy. There weren’t many prophets during that time who were able to see dreams and receive revelation from God. This gift was not only accepted, it was heartily embraced and nurtured.
Many kids these days have the gift of prophecy. They hear voices. They see or communicate with disembodied spirits. They predict things that will happen in the future. They know secrets that they have not been told about people. They are very intuitive and you cannot lie to them, lest they see right through you.

Fear keeps us from being able to accept and use the gift of intuition. Learn all you can about this topic and develop your emotional intelligence so it can help you as well as others.

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