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This New Year Will Bring Whatever You Desire

Happy New Year, everyone! Today's show is one of the most informative and uplifting shows I've ever been part of.

From the beautiful mountains of Denver, Colorado, my guest today is Ranoli, the owner of Heart and Home Healing, a consulting service designed to empower people, create healthy homes, and stage the feel of living and working spaces. Through her coaching sessions and consultations, Ranoli offers hope, compassion, and validation for your truth with a transformative, holistic point-of-view.

-------------------------- PART 1 ---------------------

In part one, Ranoli and LavendarRose share their enthusiasm and excitement for what 2011 is already bringing to life. Do you have a feeling of lightness, happiness, and expectation that this is going to be the best year you've ever known spiritually, financially, healthwise, and in your relationships? If not, you will want to hear what Ranoli has to say about creating your personal vision and mission statement using these five questions:

  1. What is Spirit's highest vision for me?
  2. What must I become to empower the vision and mission?
  3. What must be released?
  4. What must be embraced?
  5. What information do I need in this moment?

Ranoli also shares the science behind intention from the perspective of quantum physics.

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-------------------------- PART 2 ---------------------

In part two, LavendarRose and Ranoli discuss the universal laws connected to the power of intention and why the universal law of pure desire is the key to successful manifesting. The power of clear and focused intention is the other half of the formula that the movie, The Secret, didn't give you!

Warning! There is a guided meditation titled "How to Change Your Belief System" in this segment that should be listened to in a safe place, not while driving or doing other activities that require your undivided concentration.

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Other topics in this segment include:
  • How do affirmations fit into the process of manifesting?
  • What is the reticular activating system and what part does it play in co creating?
  • What is the role of your belief system in manifesting?
-------------------------- PART 3 ---------------------
Ranoli and LavendarRose engage in a conversation about what to expect and how to create your own reality as the year 2012 draws near. What do you expect as we move further into the end of one age and the birth of another during this planetary shift in consciousness?

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-------------------------- PART 4 ---------------------

As a house psychic, Ranoli works with energy fields, spirits, and emotional blocks to help homeowners create balance in the home; working together to create a positive energetic environment that supports your hopes and dreams.

In the last (fourth) part of this interview, Ranoli and LavendarRose discuss how changing your physical environment can help you shift energy and get free to create the life you truly want.

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Here is a recipe for a powerful psychic deep cleanser you can use to create an energetic shift in their home or workspace. Extreme caution is urged. Neither Ranoli nor LavendarRose (a.k.a. Yvonne Perry) can be held responsible for accidents.

Techniques To Clear Emotional Energy From Your Home

How To Use Epsom Salt and Alcohol To Clear Your Home

This is a wonderful method of house clearing. Use it carefully and in a safe place. Do not use this method outdoors because the wind may blow and create a fire. We use a pot with a cover and place the pot on the stove. When possible, have a class ‘”C” fire extinguisher close by for safety. “I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it,” is our mantra.

Make sure the interior of the pot is dry, add about one tablespoon of Epsom Salt. Cover with about four tablespoons of rubbing alcohol. Be careful how much alcohol you add, as the amount will determine how long the combination will burn. Use a wood match, light the match, step back and drop the lit match into the pot. The alcohol will ignite and burn for a few minutes. The flames will
usually be higher than the sides of the pot so make sure you do not burn yourself. DO NOT USE A LIGHTER TO LIGHT THE ALCOHOL as this could lead to an injury. Keep children and pets away from the area while you are performing this clearing. Be aware of any curtains or flammable materials close by the pot. Be careful and safe.

You will feel the energy in the room go flat or cold. You may sense the nothingness. After the flames have died down place the cover on the pot and allow the pot to cool before touching it. After it has cooled, just wash the pot with water and allow everything but the wooden match to go down the drain.
After you have covered the pot, use white sage or any other method of clearing you are comfortable with to reset the intention of your home. The Epsom Salt and Alcohol removes all emotional and thought energy build up, you then need to reset the energies with your intention.

You can also write down things you want to release in your life on a small piece of paper loosely folded. While the flames are burning, toss the paper into the flames as a means of symbolic release. 

Personalize this method of clearing. Do it as often as you feel you need to. 

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