Monday, January 03, 2011

Mirror Bowls Optical Illusion

While watching a design show on HGTV a few weeks ago, I saw a mirrored mirage bowl (purchased at a magician’s shop) being used as part of the décor. I was amazed at how an object seemed to be floating above the bowl when it was actually inside the bowl. It’s kind of hard to explain with words, so here is a picture of the bowl and a video showing how it works.

Mirage mirror bowl video on YouTube:

You may remember my post last week about “no time/the now” and linear time in which I showed how things can be occurring simultaneously in the past, present, and future. Well, this mirror bowl gave me a good understanding of how we are tricked by an illusion of separation. We see what we think is real—our Earthly existence in human bodies, our fallen or imperfect nature, our separateness from Source—but it is not who we really are. Who we really are is inside the bowl, safe and secure, never having left our position as a perfect part of the perfect life force that we call by many names: God, Goddess, Spirit, Universe, Creator, etc.

We can expand this thought to see that all sickness, death, and other human discomforts are not real. They are a product of our believing in the illusion of separation from Source, which is really not possible at all.

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