Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Intuitive Environmental Consultant on We Are One in Spirit Podcast

I'm excited about my guest on this week's podcast because we are going to be sharing some personal insight about what the year 2011 holds for us as spirit beings. Ranoli will give a scientific overview of how we can manifest and attract what we want into our lives. Join us here on this blog http://weareoneinspirit.com Thursday at 7 p.m. EST to learn about the current planetary changes are affecting a spiritual awakening of global consciousness.

Ranoli is a holistic home inspector, life development counselor, intuitive environmental consultant, author, teacher and radio host on HealthyLife.net. She is the owner of Heart and Home Healing, a consulting service designed to empower people, create healthy homes and stage the feel of homes or offices.

Through her coaching sessions and consultations, Ranoli offers hope, compassion and validation for your truth with a transformative, holistic point-of-view. As a house psychic, she works with energy fields, spirits, and emotional blocks to help homeowners create balance in the home; working together to create a positive energetic environment that supports your hopes and dreams.
  • Heal your heart through Multi Dimensional Pattern Release sessions
  • Discover core issues that replay through your life and re negotiate your soul contracts to heal those core issues
  • Restore your life to a state of grace, which will propel you forward on your path to living your destiny
  • Heal your home's energies from environmental stresses, thought form energies, ghosts or other disturbances
You may reach Ranoli through her website, www.HeartAndHomeHealing.com, or at her office at 303-797-0884

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