Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Linear Time and the Now

While reading The Spirits’ Book by Allan Kardec I began having an understanding about how linear time and "no time" (the now) intersect.

No time, or what some call the now, is circular. It has no beginning and no end. It is continuous but not repetitive. It just is. It is much harder to explain using words so I thought. I have attempted to create a graphic that shows what I received as a mental image while in meditation.

The now is where past, present, and future are one. A spirit that has advanced in the purification process is able to look backward to see events that have occurred in linear time or forward to see what is on the horizon. The more a spirit has purified itself, the farther it can see into what we would call the future. It’s like being in a helicopter in which you get an aerial view of the scene below. If you were in an airplane you would have a much higher vantage point to see more of the big picture.
In the graphic you will see that the point where a soul is created (yes, souls are always being created and the universe is always expanding) and the point in which it is purified are actually the same, both are in the now. The process is both occurring and has occurred.

The larger circle in the graphic represents eternity or the now. Notice the next largest circle within the now circle. This represents linear time, which is actually not a line. It is a circle having a beginning and end. Attached to the linear time are multiple lifetimes into which a soul may incarnate in order to complete its ascension/purification process. These lifetimes can be on Earth, on other planets, or in other dimensions.

I do not know any more than what I have been shown here and do not want to speculate, but I think this explanation gives some insight as to how things can be occurring now that have already occurred and that are yet to occur—simultaneously.

Your thoughts on this please?
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