Monday, November 15, 2010

Abraham, Isaac, and Suicide Bombers

How is it that we feel justified in hating suicide bombers but we applaud Abraham who was willing to kill his own son? Both thought they were following inner guidance and pleasing their "God." Both resulted in the death of an innocent life form whether human or animal.

This just goes to show us that we really don't know what "God" is and that the one we have created in our own image is actually an idol. God is the Universal Spirit or life force that has limitless power, is impartial and unemotional, and never asks anything of us. It is pure energy and we are all part of it. We are in human form in order to become an even greater expression of this life force.

So, what is the difference in Abraham in the Old Testament and the suicide bombers of our day? How is one better than the other? Both are trying to keep alive the ego's idea that something must be sacrificed in order to please a deity. The Universal Spirit does not require sacrifice of any kind. It allows us free will to create and believe anything we desire. It does not judge or condemn for it is energy, not a deity at all, much less one with human flaws and characteristics.

I know this view of God takes away the relationship component that most Christian religions are built upon. The relationship we have with this life force is experienced through our human-ness. As we love our neighbor, we love God and since we are all part of God, we also love ourselves unconditionally.

We cannot judge someone without condemning some aspect of ourselves in the process. We cannot view someone else as separate from the Universal Spirit or life force and not see ourselves as separate as well.

If you want to note something good about the Abraham story, you can see it as a lesson that the way to keep something you love is to share it. I'm not talking about giving away your kids, although adoption is one way to show love. I'm referring to sharing love with everyone. In sharing love, there is no need for killing or death. There is no need to be right or prove someone else wrong. The ego tries to preserve conflict by perceiving that it is being attacked. The Universal Spirit is conflict free.

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