Saturday, October 02, 2010

Wrong-mindedness is Not of God

Any thought that brings confusion is not of God
Any thought that brings emotional or physical pain is not of God
Any thought that brings sorrow, worry, fear, or frustration is not of God
Any thought that brings sarcasm, anger, negativity, or criticism, of self or others
is not of God
for God does not create these things
they are meaningless errors make by wrong thinking
wrong thinking comes from my ego—that devil!

A bird may land on my head
But I do not have to let it build a nest there

My own efforts to correct my wrong thinking is not of God
if it lowers my vibration or causes me to condemn myself
My mind must be submitted to God
corrected by God,
directed by God
Accepting the at-one-ment (salvation from ego that thinks it is separate from God)
Brings healing and peace of mind

I am perfect in God’s eyes
I know this
I am one with my Creator
Yet my thoughts require me to be on active duty 24/7
trying to tear down that stupid nest
and keep the birds shooed away

I do my best to deny thoughts that are not of God
even though they spring up like mushrooms
and seem to multiply by the dozens

I must give myself permission to be exactly where I am on my journey
I need not reprimand myself for not being more holy
I am in process
I will enjoy each step of my path to ascension
And . . . wear a hat . . . with a fly swatter!

LavendarRose 2010

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