Saturday, October 30, 2010

Souls Cannot Be Lost

We are spirit beings created by God/Goddess. Therefore, we belong to Him/Her. How can the Divine lose anything? We may hide behind a veil of illusions known as separatist thinking, but we cannot really be lost!

God/dess does not play our game of hide and seek. S/He always knows where and who we are. If you think about it, religions that teach people they are sinners have quite a bit of pride. Only those who allow their ego to rule their minds believe that souls and their sins have the power to pluck or steal themselves out of the hands of our loving creator. This is like saying that the creation has more power than the Creator. This is totally insane!

If you accept this truth, you have no need to grovel at the feet of an angry god that does not exist. That god was made in the image of humans who see themselves as separate/sinners. And, you can stop obsessing over the gory crucifixion and begin to accept the message the ascended Jesus intended us to see in this horrific event. The crucifixion was to demonstrate how we should respond to attack--with LOVE rather than retaliation. With forgiveness rather than judgment. Jesus came to Earth not to save the lost/separate; He came to show us that because He and His Father are one, so are we.

When we believe we are lost, we live as though we are separate from God/dess. When we live as one with the Divine, we live as Jesus did: free from financial worries, free from fear about loss or destruction, loving unconditionally, healing others, teaching, doing miracles, never condemning or judging ourselves or another person. Only when we see ourselves as Jesus did, will we be able to do and live as He did.

Prayer: Thank you Mother/Father God that I am not in the lost and found department. I see myself as one with You and want to live a miraculous life that blesses all. So be it.

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