Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Healing the Corporate World

Everyone knows that something is wrong in corporate world. People are talking about discontentment, lack of diligence and trust, peer sabotage, and diminishing returns. Yet most leaders don’t know how to fix their organizations. Maria Gamb’s message in Healing the Corporate World is that universal spiritual principles are the seed solution for what ails us. And she shows why they are both necessary and practical if we intend to restore companies to full profitability, integrity, and higher functioning.As a former Fortune 500 executive, Maria has spent the past 20+ years trailblazing businesses valued at upwards of $100 million. Her keys to success? Blending creativity, innovation, values and straightforward communication!

Maria Gamb joined LavendarRose on We Are One in Spirit Podcast to discuss the shift that many businesses are taking to align with the higher purpose of the transition we are seeing for 2012.
In part 1 of this 3-part show, Yvonne Perry (LavendarRose) and Maria Gamb talked about a new revolution and evolution in business today. Maria explained where we are right now that has created this need for a massive shift in business. The consciousness of each leader must shift in order for the whole to shift. But who are these leaders? Listen to part 1 by clicking the small arrow in the player below.

In part 2, we discussed the ego’s victim mentality and how it sabotages anyone’s success. Maria shared a syndrome called FARCE which derails and distracts people from creating new businesses and opportunities.

• Fear
• Attachment
• Resentment & Resistance
• Control
• Everyone but me

Listen to part 2 by clicking the small arrow in the player below.

In part 3, we discussed the cycle of transformational leadership, the four seasons of business, and the new breed of leadership that's emerging. Listen to part 3 by clicking the small arrow in the player below.

As the founder, CEO and Chief Change Agent of NMS Communications, LLC Maria shares her vast life experience and knowledge of universal laws to help executives and entrepreneurs reclaim their ability to lead profitable businesses effectively and with great value. It’s Maria’s belief that a new breed of leadership is emerging; leadership that bridges the gap between the harsh practicalities of business and the intuitive nature the individual- a it’s this gap that Maria fills with her teaching.

Today Maria lectures both nationally and internationally, mentoring and coaching people at all levels of business. Currently she has set up an intensive learning program called The Change Agent Academy, which provides a step-by-step progression to achieving both personal and professional transformation.
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