Thursday, October 14, 2010

Healing Arts Instructor Jodi Baudek

Visionary, entrepreneur, and author Jodie Baudek is LavendarRose's guest today and she will be sharing some uplifting spiritual insight in a discussion about the healing arts.

Jodie Baudek is a testimony to the fact that where Spirit guides, She also provides. Jodi founded Essence of Life Healing Arts to offer yoga, pilates, and various mind-body-spirit exercise programs. In less than two years, the center has grown to one of the largest yoga and healing arts centers in the Chicago suburbs. With 5,000 square feet of space and 40 team members, services at Essence of Life include hypnotherapy, sound healing workshops, belly dancing, weight release, nutrition, massage, yoga, meditation, vibrational therapy, Reiki, and bio-energetic therapy.

In part one, Jodie talks about how she followed Divine guidance to create Essence of Life Healing Arts. A discussion on intuition leads into a chat on how yoga is good for the body, mind, and spirit as it helps us go within to unite us with our Source.

In part two Jodie shares her newest endeavors: a quarterly Essence of Life Magazine, Essence of Life T.V., Essence of Life Internet Radio, and her 6-Week Change Your Life Program available to anyone, anywhere. People have already testified to the shift in consciousness that takes place soon after listening to just one of the meditations.

Parts one and two are in the same audio this week. Click the small arrow in the player below to listen.

You will find Jodie online at You may phone the studio at 815-741-4117 or email Jodi @ to get a copy of the magazine or to request the meditation CDs, "The 6-Week Change Your Life Program."

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